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A Hint of Florida

I know everyone and their mother is going to be posting about the gorgeous weather we all had this weekend, but I just can't contain my excitement!
We had the windows open all weekend and the fresh air was so heavenly.  
On Saturday we sat on our little back porch for a little bit and took in as much Vitamin D as possible. I swear my skin didn't remember what that big ball of fire was. ;)

After we went back inside and had an extremely rare lazy day.  Dom ran through flashcards while watching the Masters and I flipped between Cosmo and one of my new blogging books.
What really struck me was how much less stressed and happy both Dom and I were all weekend.
Having the sunshine and fresh air was such a reminder of life in Florida, and it made us even more excited to get there.  The hard ciders and red wine my parents brought helped with the relaxation too!

You know that feeling of that first really warm day of Spring?  That's the kind of excitement we had everyday living down south.  It's so happy, warm, and relaxing, and really compliments both of our personalities.
I know I harp on it a lot, but it's just so nice to finally know where you belong, and it's hard to think about anything other than the countdown to our move!

How did you enjoy the nice weather??


  1. Get ready because the weather down here has been just about perfect this spring. I hope I didn't just jinx it!

  2. If this is what the weather is like in Florida all the time, then I need to move down there too! I enjoyed breakfast outside on Saturday and took my dogs to the park both days! I was SO happy to be outside and be warm!!

  3. I know I was super excited about the weather here too! I don't think I spent more than 5 hours inside all weekend. Of course the sun isn't exactly here to stay yet.


  4. I bet you can't wait to move back to FL! I still need to go and visit that beautiful state. =) Yay for a relaxing weekend. I need to go check out that blogging book!

  5. The weather this weekend was absolutely PERFECT and I LOVED it!! Bring on spring & summer!! I was especially thrilled for good weather this weekend as one of my best friends got married down in Williamsburg, VA and I was one of her bridesmaids... since the wedding was supposed to be outside I was definitely crossing all my fingers and toes for beautiful weather for her and we got just that!

  6. i can't imagine having sunny warm day everyday. I lived in 4 seasoned places my entire life. Hopefully, I will have a chance to live somewhere that is warm one day.

  7. Flooooorida is awaiting your arrival, very impatiently!


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