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Bloom Where You Are Planted: Pittsburgh Adventure Day

I am not good at this.  I want to bloom in South Florida between the palm trees and the beach.  I do not want to bloom in Southwestern PA.

However, life had other plans for us and planted us right  here in Hunker: Population 289 (they updated the consensus...sad day).  Blooming has not been my strong suit these past few months, but knowing that our days here are numbered has made us see things a little differently.

PA is home to some of the most amazing people who have become great friends since we moved here last summer.  It is also home to a baby gorilla (!!!) and a pretty gorgeous ballpark.  This past weekend Dom and I both had a weekend off (I know, I pinched myself too!) and we spent it having a Pittsburgh Adventure day and explored the city we are lucky enough to live near.

On Friday we went over to a friend's house to play cards, drink some beer and eat some style. ;)  I discovered a newfound talent in Black Jack (I dominated) and we laughed our frozen buns off playing Cards Against Humanity.

Can I just pause for a moment and comment on how deeply disturbed the people who right those cards must be?  They were so hilarious and utterly disturbing that my sweet innocent self was scarred!  In the best way of course.  I want to play every day.  End side note. 

On Saturday Dom and I relaxed together and then bundled up to head to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium!  I have mentioned a few times here how I used to work with the gorillas and orang utans at the Smithsonian in college, so I was wayyyy too excited to see the gorillas!  I seriously ran through the whole zoo until I found them and was surprised when I came face to face with a BABY!  Sorry, but baby gorillas beat baby humans.  I just wanted to squeeze it! :)

Afterwards we headed downtown to eat before the Pirates game!  We popped into Jerome Bettis's Grille 36 so Dom and Nick could experience the bathroom.  Yes, I meant that.  In this restaurant the men's bathroom has a one way mirror so while you're doing your thang you're looking out into the lobby!  I had fun waving at them (you only see a mirror from the outside) and freaking them out by taking pictures of the mirror. Ha!

It was only 37 degrees, but we huddled with a row of friends for the Pirates game.  The stadium is seriously stunning, and our nosebleed seats gave us the best view of Pittsburgh!  I really love the city, and truly think Dom and I would like PA infinitely more if we lived closer to it.  After the game was an incredible fireworks display.  It was probably one of the best ones I've ever seen!

We finished the night by meeting one of Dom's classmates and his wife for a few drinks and lots and lots of laughs.  It's really hard being engaged in medical school since it really consumes Dom's life.  That leads to me feeling lonely and not doing well making the most of our new city.  This weekend was perfect for us to remember what it's like to just have fun with each other, be silly, and not stress over the next exam.  I am so eager for the day when this can happen more often! :)

As if we didn't have a great enough weekend, it will end with my other 2 main squeezes Blake and Luke sweet talking to be during the ACMs! Wine and cheese will be consumed, and it will be glorious.


  1. John has family in Pittsburgh. I love to visit. His cousin got married at PNC Park. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  2. I totally regret not taking advantage of Pgh while we lived there for two years. It really is a great city and I miss it terribly. Pirates games were probably my favorite activity, ever!

  3. I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend (for the first time!!) It was great!! Glad you had such a fun weekend :)

  4. I'm a new reader, and I love your blog! That sounds like a great weekend (it's always nice to take a break from school for a bit). That view from the game is beautiful!

  5. Looks like a great weekend but I guess how could it NOT be with baby gorillas!
    By the way, I can't believe I've never played Cards Against Humanity before. I'm making sure I scratch this off my list ASAP!

  6. You sound like me at the zoo only I always look most forward to the elephants and tigers.
    & can I just say, that picture of the city from inside the field is gorgeous! love it!

  7. OMG stop. That baby gorilla is too cute. Glad you had a weekend together…you deserve it! Now get down SOUTH please!

  8. I'm glad you guys could get a weekend of fun!!! My boyfriend went to Pittsburgh last fall for a concert and said it was a really fun city!!

  9. I'm glad you guys could get a weekend of fun!!! My boyfriend went to Pittsburgh last fall for a concert and said it was a really fun city!!

  10. How fun!
    I love how you both can live by the edge of your seat and just become accustom to wherever you are.
    I am sooo excited for you to be in Florida though, like way way way excited:)

  11. Being a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, I shouldn't say this but...the city looks beautiful! The view of the fireworks and the city is perfect.


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