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The light at the end of the tunnel!  In one week I will be finished with finals (!!) and in one month I will be arriving in Florida.  Having the end be so near is intoxicating! 

Google actually answering emails.  I almost don't believe it.  I've been having problems forwarding my old domain to my new one, and after hours of playing with HTML and calling go daddy I got super desperate and emailed google for support.  And then they answered.  And it worked. BOOM. I am now forwarding! 

Dom and I get to play model this weekend!  Our friend Brittany wants to build her portfolio for her photography business, so Dom and I get to have another engagement session this weekend!  I'm so excited, her photos are so gorgeous.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. :)

Now, I can't be sure.  But my birthday is in about 3 weeks and a mysterious package from Jo Totes arrived the other day!  I'm not letting myself open it until I'm finished with finals...but I'm really hoping this gorgeous mint camera bag/purse is inside!

You all.  
I know my blog has been really lacking over the past year, which I think is a direct reflection on my life.  Besides the fun and excitement around wedding planning, this year has been a bummer.  Lots of being sad about where I'm living, or feeling lonely in a new city.  Even though I have made some amazing people here, I really haven't felt like myself since I've been here.  It's hard to blog about a life I'm not enjoying!  I read that if your life is boring, so is your blog.  I think I have become the perfect example!  So I appreciate you all for sticking around during the not-so-thrilling life stages, and I can't wait to go back to my bright, fun, beach self in just a few weeks! 


  1. Yay for moving back to Florida! And that bag is just gorgeous - I hope you really did get it! Have fun at your second engagement shoot this weekend :)

  2. so exciting for another engagement photo session! That bag is AMAZING!!!

  3. Aww have fun this weekend!!!

  4. PRAISE!!! for school being almost over. My husband is done with his undergrad next week. I sort of feel like I'm more excited then him???

    PRAISE!!!! for moving back south soon. You are the epitome of a southern belle, my dear. It will be a little brighter with you back in the south I'm sure of it!

  5. Sigh... your Florida news makes me sad every time I read it. But seriously... Nov 30th? :)

    PS- totally was like uhh that is NOT Dom, in that picture haha.. I thought it was you at first though!

  6. I love that photo of you & Dom! It is too cute your friend done am amazing job at capturing it :)

  7. Can't wait to see your "new" engagement pictures! I enjoy reading your blog and I think its been fine!

  8. yay more photos! I can't wait to see!

  9. You're so close to finals being over - you can make it!! How fun you'll get to do more photos! That bag is gorgeous, I hope you get it! :)

    I can't wait to be jealous of all your Florida adventures again! :)

  10. I have definitely missed your blog...I've been out of the bloggy loop for a while now because of wedding planning and school. BLAH!

    I also started a new you'll be seeing more of me for sure!!

    Finals are almost here....I feel you girl! Let's Rock this!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  11. OHHHHHH kay, I cannot wait for these pictures.
    That one is so gorgeous!

  12. Ohhh I hope that bag is waiting for you! It's beautiful!

  13. Bahaha before clicking on your blog the thumbnail totally looked like you and Dom! HA then I clicked it and got real confused, hilarious! Have so much fun :)

    I am excited you are moving back to a state you love, but sad you will be so much further!!

  14. So excited to see your second set of engagement photos. You are like the most photogenic couple so I know they're going to be gorgeous!

  15. I can't wait to see your photos!! XO


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