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I Can't Believe...

I'm so happy to have a prompt for this post so I can blast this out on my study break!  Without further ado...

I can't much I need to take a new picture for these posts.  Blurry and sorry!

I can't believe... I am 2 finals away from summer! This semester has given me a run for my money and I cannot wait for it to end.  Thursday at 5 you better believe a cocktail will be in my hand. ;)

I can't believe...what I real sandwich wrap tastes like.  We haven't have actual groceries in weeks (okay, maybe 2.5 weeks) and I've been eating down all the cheese in the house until Dom finally had a free hour to go grab some essentials last night!  Real food never tasted so good.

I can't believe...the number I saw on the scale yesterday.  It was not pretty.  Thankfully, I chucked my useless doctor to the curb and my dad talked to my old GI doc from when I lived in Syracuse.  He actually listened (imagine that!) and overnighted me some new meds.  I'm really hoping this will work and I can start to actually metabolize the food I eat.

I can't believe...that new med I'm going to go on?  I'll be taking it for a month and I'm supposed to stay out of the sun. I go to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks and move to Florida in 3 and a half! Haha! Oh well, getting healthy is more important and I can still drink so it's all good. ;)

I can't availability at work is now only 3 days a week since I have school.  So naturally, finals week they have me scheduled full time +.  Including two 3-11 shifts with no breaks.  So happy this is my last week!  I really love the people there, but these scheduling surprises are no fun!

I can't happy I'm going to be on Sunday. Finished with work and school for a month.  I feel like the day will never come but I just can't wait!

I can't believe...after Sunday I will (hopefully) never have to wear head to toe black again!  I need to bring color back into my life and I can't wait to actually wear real clothes that fit my style.

I can't's time to go back to studying!  Have a great day, all :)


  1. You're so close to being done!! I hope it goes by quickly! :)

  2. Hope your last finals go well! And I may have to talk to you about your new meds- I've been having metabolism issues too! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Yay!!! So glad you have so many exciting things coming up! Including coming closer to me!! ;)

  4. Good luck on those finals! And super jealous that you're going to Puerto Rico!


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