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Preppy Easter Outfits

For us, Easter was simple: Church in the morning, followed by cooking dinner and sitting out on the porch with friends.  However, yesterday was another holiday besides Easter (and Erin's birthday!)

It was the start of Lilly, seersucker, white pants and pastel season!  Down south we wear those all year 'round (except white pants...I'm a firm follower of that rule) but up here Dom and I have kept our preppy colorful wardrobes mostly under wraps.  Yesterday they came out of hiding and we let our prep flags fly!   Of course, that warranted a mini photoshoot when we got home.  Dom needs material for his new instagram (@dmarino17) after all!

Hope you all had a very Hoppy Easter!


  1. Love the outfits!! Totally screams Spring!!

  2. So cute! You guys look perfect for an Easter Sunday!

  3. Oh my gosh so cute. Is it wrong if I totally make it a requirement that the next guy I date seriously agrees to wear a bow's like my Chuck Bass fantasy. And as always you are preppy perfection!

  4. Look at you two looking so damn adorable! I love it! Welcome to IG Dom!

  5. I hope my future boyfriend dresses like him. You guys are seriously poster children? ADULTS for Lilly and all things preppy <3

  6. Those outfits are pretty great! I might need to get my bf those pants! :)

  7. Can Dom please teach Porter how to dress when you get here?
    You two are bar far thee best dress and cutest couple ever!


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  9. I wish my husband dressed like Dom! You guys are too cute :)


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