We Moved To Florida! Again!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Ours was spent packing, traveling, and unpacking again.  But don't worry...we got some sun in too. :)
{Our photog has a broken wrist...so we'll forgive him for the blur ;)}

As of Sunday around 1pm Dom and I are Bradenton, Florida residents!  I can't tell you how happy we are to be back where we really feel like we belong.  Just the sight of a palm tree outside my window gets me giddy.   We packed up the truck on Friday, and Dom and his friend left at 4:45 am Saturday morning and started their million hour drive.  He got serious fiancĂ© points because while they were driving in a massive truck my mother and I got to ride the auto train!

Basically, I drove my car and my mom drove Dom's car to DC where we loaded the cars onto the train, and got to sit, relax, and drink lots of wine while we travelled down the coast.  By the time we woke up in our little sleeper room at 8am we were in Orlando!  Then it was just a few more hours (thanks to holiday traffic) to get to Bradenton.

Since it was a holiday weekend and we had a gazillion and one boxes to unload we haven't gotten to explore too much, but I did discover a plaza with a Nordstrom Rack, Total Wine, and Target...with a massive mall being build right next to it.  I am in heaven but my wallet is not. ;)  Our complex is also less than half a mile from Publix, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me!
{Club house and pool!}

Our apartment still looks like a bomb went off since we're trying to fit a lot of stuff into a small apartment (and our roomie, Murph, hasn't even moved in yet) but it's slowly getting there!
This is a super messy picture, but I just can't get over how bright it is!  My favorite part is the screened in balcony off the living room.  We're going to get some wicker furniture for it and it will quickly become our favorite room.  I can't wait to show pictures once it's all finished!

My mom and Dom's family is here to help us move in, so yesterday we took the afternoon off and went to Dom's family friend's condo on Siesta Key beach.  Seeing the water was so amazing.  There's no doubt in my mind I belong by the water!
After getting some sun we washed up and headed to one of our favorite places, Daiquiri Deck!  It really feels like we're still on vacation...I can't believe I actually live here now.  I can't wait to get settled and share more about our new place, new city, and new life!  If you have any recommendations for places we must visit in the Bradenton-Sarasota area I would love to here them!

Sending sunshine your way. :)


Insta-Life: Vacation Outfits

One of my favorite things to do after vacation is go through my photos, but after 14 hours of traveling the last thing I want to do right now is edit photos!  So I'm giving you a quick insta-roundup of what I wore down on the island.

 My go-to travel outfit: Maxi Dress and layers!
Dress- Lilly // Camera bag/purse- Jo Totes // Blazer- Urban Outfitters (Old)

 25th Birthday Outfit! 
Dress- Petal Boutique // Clutch- Marley Lilly // Shoes- LC by Lauren Conrad (On sale!)
 Dress- Lilly Pulitzer // Luxe Clutch- Marley Lilly

 All time favorite beach outfit!
 Dress- Old Navy // Necklace- T+J Designs

Pina Colada- Beach Bar // Pineapple shirt- Beach Shop (similar) // Ring-Dom. ;)

As you can see, I wear a lot of Lilly Pulitzer and Marley Lilly on vacation!  I just can't resist bright colors when I'm on the beach.  I must say, the majority of the time I was in a bathing suit, but I love getting dressed up for dinner so I can show off my new tan!

Do you get dressed up on vacation or keep it casual since you're, well, on vacation?


I Can't Believe!

...I got to blog from this spot this week.  I truly honestly don't think I could find a more amazing spot. I never wanted to move!  

...how soon I move and how not packed the house is!  The plan was for me to have the house completely packed before Puerto Rico so all we had to do was pack up the Uhaul Thursday and Friday.  Well my whole esophagitis debacle but a kibosh on that and I was only able to pack the day before!  Thankfully, we got most of the main stuff done, so it shouldn't be too bad.

...On Thursday Dom will be FINISHED with his first year of medical school!  I feel like this was a long cold year, but at the same time I feel like he just started.

...How many more years of school and training Dom has ahead of him.

...A week from now I'll be all settled in Bradenton.  It still, for some reason, does not feel real yet.  I am on vacation mode and know that I'm moving to Florida at the end of the week, but the amount my life is about to change hasn't set in.  Maybe it's from so much practice moving all around?

...How cute my vacation boyfriend is.  He even wore hot pink for my birthday!
 ...I die.

...The Bachelorette is back!  Dom and I absolutely loved Andi last season, so I'm really looking forward to this one.  And yes I know how mindless it is, and yes I will still watch every season.  Judge away!

...Being surrounded by 3 babies under 3 this week did not curb my baby fever at all!  Give me all the babies.

...I survive without coconut mojitos every day. 


Trending Tuesday: Beach Coverups!

Living in Florida means my new wardrobe will consist of two things...bathing suits and beach coverups!  I can usually be found in my $5 cotton one from Target, but there are so many cute ones now I just might have to branch out!  Here are some I'm loving.
I love the idea of using a kimono as a coverup!  
So many of these looks could transfer from the pool to the beach bar effortlessly...and if you know me, once it hits 5 o'clock I don't want anything standing between me and my margarita. ;)

Medicine & Manicures


Seaside Birthday

Not to rub it in or anything...but I'm currently blogging from a little personal cabana right by the pool overlooking the ocean.  If I could blog here every day I would never miss a post! A few fashion magazines, some fruit, and view is all the inspiration I need!  So, I thought I'd pop in and write about my birthday celebration!
We actually celebrated my birthday on the 15th, since my 2 best friends (since elementary school) and their families were flying back on my actual birthday.  It made it seem like I had a whole birthday week!  We may have started the celebration by pouring some Puerto Rican run into our coconuts...just to see how it tasted!  (Verdict: Heavenly!) 

Since we have a ton of people coming and going during these two weeks, every family picks a night to make dinner for everyone.  For my birthday we had the wedding planner at Maria's (who is also a chef) cater our dinner and she made me the most amazing cake ever.  It sparkled.  Exactly what any mature 25 year old would want!
{Not pictured: 3 of the cutest baby nuggets you ever did see!}

On my actual birthday I set my alarm for 7, grabbed a towel and went straight by the water to start getting my sun!  After a lazy morning (with mimosas, of course) we meandered up the road to the lighthouse where they had a food festival!  Some things I never say no to- fresh markets and food festivals!  We walked up with 2 of the 3 babies and they had so much fun dancing to the music!
I, on the other hand, got a sneak peak at what I'll look like as a South Florida soccer mom! Haha!

That night was perfection with burgers, dogs, rum punch and a sunset like no other!
After dinner the only thing to do was head up to Calypso Cafe, just a stone trow from Maria's and have frozen cocktails and listen to the band!  

It was the perfect way to spend my birthday.  A whole lot of friends and family...or "Framilia" as we call it now!  I'm so thankful I had so much love around me during my celebrations.  I can't wait to see what 25 has to bring!


25 Things For My 25th! :)

Greetings from Puerto Rico!
So, my birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated last night...so we're going to celebrate here today!
I thought since I'm turning 25 today (oh my gosh) I would share 25 random things about me!

I like wine

I like pink

I am 25 and just starting to feel unapologetic about who I am

I've had half a glass of wine and I'm tipsy

I have a sweet spot for beach bars and rooftop restaurants

Pizza and Brie cheese are my all time favorite foods

I've never colored my hair... But I'm feeling the itch

I worked in the kitchen of a hospital one summer in high school

I want to be a lactation consultant

I have serious baby fever, but don't actually want kids for another 5 years

Travel is all I want in life. Love too.

I'm currently sitting at a bar in JFK surrounded by Spanish speaking Puerto Rican men. Apparently we're the only ones flying from 12-4am to PR

I trained in classical ballet for 14 years and spend t summers on NYC, Pitt and Vermont for summer intensives

I'm getting my RD but still think anything is better fried. Anything.

A bacon Bloody Mary or Jack and Coke are my go to drinks

I get mani/pedis maybe twice a year

I tell casual acquaintances I'm from Florida.

17 is my lucky number

I ALWAYS kiss the plane when I board. My mom taught me the subtle act of kissing your hand and planting it on the plane as you walk on. I can never not do it. It's bad luck.

I have a weird fascination with documentaries, the weirder the better. My roommate and MOH and I may or may not still update each other on a little girl with progeria we watched on a special sophomore year

I'm a Sigma Kappa

I'm an alum of GWU. I majored in Biological Anthropology and focused on hominid paleobiology and primate cognition.

I have to sleep on my right side

I can't open water bottles

I have a fascination with mini everything! 


$250 Cash Birthday Giveaway!

hello sweet readers! today i have something BIG for you! you probably already guessed it buy the title of this post and the giant picture of my cupcake & my face, but tomorrow i am turning 26!!! in honor of such a momentous occasion, i joined up with some lovely ladies to give you the chance to win $250 cash! as i thought about what i wanted to do, i wanted to find a way to celebrate with all of you because you are a huge part of my life. think of this as a party where you are all invited over to my house, you get to meet new friends, chat about, and then one of you gets to walk away with the ultimate party favor - two fifty bucks (because i don't want to be the only one getting gifts today!).

THANK YOU TO ALL THESE LADIES WHO ARE HELPING ME WITH THE PARTY!!! Brynne of Thatch & Thistle, Maddie of Maddie Richardson, Alyssa of Impractical Composition, Megan of Rivers & Roads, Liz of Life as Liz, Britney of the Quiet Place, Rachel of Rachel Boulevard, Abby of Becoming Blog, Robin of Fly Free, Elizabeth of Omnnomnom, Jenna of Dearest Love, Tina of Like Ordinary Life, Robin of Living Colorfully, Katie of Lublyou, Angie of My So Called Chaos, Tyler of Arkansassy, Amanda of Little Tranquility, Jillian of Brave Sunday, Mary of Trusty Chucks, and Janene of Celebrating Life.

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! all entries to this giveaway will be run via rafflecopter. in exactly one week the giveaway will close, one winner will be selected at random and announced! all entries will be verified, so please play by the rules! i will transfer the $250 from my paypal to your paypal and it is just that easy (if you do not have a paypal account, i highly suggest you sign up with one today!!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Here is the rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway


So About That Whole "In Sickness and in Health" Thing...

Dom and I aren't getting married until next summer, but this past week we got to experience the "in sickness" part of our future vows for the first time.  Thankfully, even though we have lived together for almost two years, Dom has never really seen me get too sick.  I must say, love and engagement is an extremely humbling thing.  Here is the person you want to find you attractive forever, but when you're in pain you still need them by your side.  All I wanted to do was shut the door (literally) and let him pretend that all was fine, but in the end the person you're spending the rest of your life with is there to love you unconditionally, and that's pretty awesome.

{Mmm pale with no sleep or make-up. Bow chica-wow-wow!}

If you're lucky, they may even help you tie your hair up when you only have one arm thanks to an IV and you're convinced that medicine they just gave you is on it's way back up.  I don't think anything could have made me laugh in that moment except Dom's attempt to be fancy and give me a messy bun! Haha :)  It sadly was en epic fail but I'm glad it was me and I now have a chance to train him before any little girls come along.

Not to give any gruesome details, but for the past week I've been suffering from a bad case of esophagitis that will not go away!  I've been in excruciating pain (seriously, you know those moments when you're scared you're doing to die and then the next minute you're scared you won't?  It's been like that), and went 4 days without being able to eat or drink anything.  Two trips to the ER later I have my own personal little pharmacy and I am finally able to eat food again.  I even have a little baby syringe to shoot up lidocaine and numb my esophagus before I eat!  I'm hoping this approach will help me heal so I can get on the plane to Puerto Rico on Wednesday.  I mean, my throat will hurt just as much in Hunker as it will on the beach, right? ;)

Anywho, back to the point.  Love is easy when everything is easy, but I think love really shows through when things are rough.  Dom has two huge finals next week but didn't hesitate to take me to the ER or just sit and hold my hand when the pain was really bad.  He does, however, have a habit of taking my picture when I'm looking extra sexy and sending it to our families, but after the initial trauma everyone's reactions always make me laugh!

Dom isn't the wait-on-you-hand-and-foot type, and never will be, and I think a huge part of relationships and marriage is figuring out how each of you works and adapting.  Dom's a guy and just wants to fix things.  He knows it's (I think) impossible to die from esophagitis but I was convinced this was the end and I was never getting better.  Sometimes practicality and textbook definitions just don't calm me down when I'm hurting and scared.  He has realized that my irrational fears need tending to and I realize that his bluntness is just him being a guy and a future doctor.   Sometimes, I just want him in the same room with him to feel better.  It might seem strange to him that I want to come in and nap in his study while he works because I feel better with him there, but it works for me!  Now he is sure to come give me hugs, kisses, and snuggles even if they won't cure me but they'll make me feel better.  He has been my rock through this whole week and I'm so thankful! It's a whole learning process and I'm so glad we have this time together.

We sure spend a lot of time in life and on this blog focusing on the "for better" but I love that I know I have a partner for the "for worse" too.


Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014 Favorites

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014 by robinace on Polyvore

The Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014 line came out a few weeks ago, and I refused to let myself look at it right away because I knew I would never be able to resist!  But, it was only a matter of time before my will power gave in and I just had to explore.  I adore this collection and have fallen in love with two of the new prints, Lobstah Roll and Jellies Be Jammin'!  Just try to say Jellies be Jammin' and not smile ;).  I really think I need something in Lobstah Roll for our vacation to Montauk this summer...it couldn't be more perfect!  In the meantime, the Captiva coverup (bottom row, second from the right) in Jellies be Jammin' is on it's way to me right now! Above are some of my favorite picks from the line.  I love the bright wild prints, but also the cut of some of the solid dresses.  There really is something for every occasion!

*All photos from Lilly Pulitzer's pinterest and can be found on the Lilly Pulitzer Website


My May Goal!

I was going to title this post "May Goals" but then I realized all my goals could be boiled down to one single goal.

Have fun.

I finished school last week with at least 4 As (the other 2 grades are still being calculated) and survived working through the whole weekend.  After a few setbacks my health is headed in the right direction and the sun is starting to come out.  Now it's time to start enjoying what will hopefully be one of the best months ever!  I honestly think this month will make up for all the time spent in Hunker. :)

On May 14th I will fly to Puerto Rico for a week with my family, maid of honor, and a bunch of family friends.

While I'm there, on the 17th I will turn 25! 25.  That seems really old.  That seems like an age when I need to have my life figured out.  Luckily, I seem to be heading in the right direction!  I'm bummed I won't be able to celebrate it with Dom, but having my family there will be so special!

On May 22, Dom will take his last exam and be finished with his first year of medical school!  Even though this has been a long hard year, it also seems like it has flown.  I feel like it was only yesterday we got the news that Dom was accepted and started planning our move to Pennsylvania! 

On May 24th Dom and Nick will head out in a massive UHaul and my mom and I will set of in my car and Dom's car and start our journey south!

On May 25th, around noon-ish we will arrive in FLORIDA!  The next day Dom's parents will fly down and we will all spend the week exploring Bradenton/Sarasota, celebrating birthdays, mother's day, and getting our tan on!  

I find myself thinking a lot about all the stuff that needs to get done in the next week but I want to focus on the fun!  In a month I will be all moved into my new apartment and new life in Florida, I will have finally met Hallie, and Dom and I can be back where we belong!  So much has changed since we moved to Florida for the first time two years ago (crazy!) and I can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us!


Prayers For Jenna

Yesterday, the hearts of everyone in the Crouse Hospital community, Syracuse, Ft. Drum and across the world were broken when the beautiful Jenna Hinman passed away.   She was 26 years old, and left behind her soldier husband and 2 month old twin baby girls.

Every once in awhile a patient comes around that brings an entire community together in hope and prayer, and she was that patient.  We all got excited when our little hospital was on ABC News when her story went national.  Her cancer was rare and she was fighting it like a champ.  My father, his three partners and countless other doctors and nurses at Crouse worked together to try and help her fight this battle.  Her story was so heartbreaking, but my dad's stories were always happy.  He told us how the family "moved in" to the ICU and were so friendly and supportive, always buying lunch for the whole unit and smiling and supporting each other.  Brandon laughed when my dad told him the babies needed to get well soon because his wife and daughter wanted to see baby pictures.  When Jenna was awake she refused to use her note pad and was pointing frantically at my dad's iPhone case to make sure he knew she loved the NY Giants too.  We all fell in love with Jenna over the past 2 months and learning of her passing last night left us all shaken to the core.  I really, really thought she was going to make it.

Her friends have been running an amazing Prayers For Jenna Facebook page to keep everyone (including the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who have caught on and started following her story) up to date on her journey.  I ask that you still send prayers and good wishes to her family and friends who so need it at this time.  On the page there are also avenues to donate to the family, if you feel so inclined.  Her husband now has newborn twins to care for on his own, and any help whether financially or through prayer would be wonderful.

Please keep this family in your prayers today.


4 Weeks Fit Challenge!

I DID IT! I have survived finals and the most hectic semester ever.  I just have 25 hours of work this weekend and then I'm home free until vacation and our move!  Today I'm linking up (a day late...oops) with Erin and Kristen for their 4 Weeks Fit Challenge!

I don't think there could be a better time for this challenge, considering it will be nonstop bikini season for me in a few weeks!  Plus, I have a certain white dress I want to look bangin' in next year ;)

So, I have set 3 goals for this month.  They are all things I should be working on and just need a kick in the bum to get started.  Now that I'm off from school until the 27th, I have no excuse!

1. Gain at least 5lbs.  I know this isn't going to be a popular goal, so I'm just going to cut you off and say no, you do not wish you had my problem.  Maybe someday I'll do a full post on it, but I'm not thin because I have any kind of eating disorder or because I want to be.  Until we get my issues figured out I have to make a conscious effort to just not lose weight.  I hate looking like a skeleton and know I need to put a good 15lbs on me to look my best (and have this weird thing people call energy)!  So, even though the meds are out of my control, strength training and watching (aka tripling!) my calorie intake will really help.
This is the only picture I could find from back when I was at a healthier weight.  A girl needs a few curves! ;)

2. Do some sort of exercise every day.  I know I'm not going to suddenly become a gym rat over night, especially since it is so far away.  However, I do know that when I work out I do want to work out more and it's a happy cycle.  So my goal is to do something every day, be it a walk, swim, or strength training.  I absolutely love the Tone It Up girls' workouts, and I joined their Bikini Series.  I can do them at home, they're quick, and I can do more if I have time or just one if I want to get my blood pumping.  Every little bit counts!

3. Drink more water! I've been really good at getting out of the habit of drinking soda, and when I drink I do have water (albeit with mio...) but I need to start drinking more plain water.  I love the blowy dewey skin look, and that's the perfect motivation for me to stay hydrated!

Can't wait to see how I've done in a month!

Love, Fun & Football


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