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25 Things For My 25th! :)

Greetings from Puerto Rico!
So, my birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated last we're going to celebrate here today!
I thought since I'm turning 25 today (oh my gosh) I would share 25 random things about me!

I like wine

I like pink

I am 25 and just starting to feel unapologetic about who I am

I've had half a glass of wine and I'm tipsy

I have a sweet spot for beach bars and rooftop restaurants

Pizza and Brie cheese are my all time favorite foods

I've never colored my hair... But I'm feeling the itch

I worked in the kitchen of a hospital one summer in high school

I want to be a lactation consultant

I have serious baby fever, but don't actually want kids for another 5 years

Travel is all I want in life. Love too.

I'm currently sitting at a bar in JFK surrounded by Spanish speaking Puerto Rican men. Apparently we're the only ones flying from 12-4am to PR

I trained in classical ballet for 14 years and spend t summers on NYC, Pitt and Vermont for summer intensives

I'm getting my RD but still think anything is better fried. Anything.

A bacon Bloody Mary or Jack and Coke are my go to drinks

I get mani/pedis maybe twice a year

I tell casual acquaintances I'm from Florida.

17 is my lucky number

I ALWAYS kiss the plane when I board. My mom taught me the subtle act of kissing your hand and planting it on the plane as you walk on. I can never not do it. It's bad luck.

I have a weird fascination with documentaries, the weirder the better. My roommate and MOH and I may or may not still update each other on a little girl with progeria we watched on a special sophomore year

I'm a Sigma Kappa

I'm an alum of GWU. I majored in Biological Anthropology and focused on hominid paleobiology and primate cognition.

I have to sleep on my right side

I can't open water bottles

I have a fascination with mini everything! 


  1. dont color your hair. your hair color is so nice to begin with. If you do end up coloring, then definitely get it professionally.

  2. have a very happy birthday tomorrow - enjoy PR!!!!!!!!!
    Renee @

  3. Happy Birthday!!! =) =) Have a blast in Puerto Rico! That is so funny that you kiss the plane before boarding. Love it!

  4. Happy Birthday Eve, lovebug!!!! :) I'm so happy you are feeling better and getting all kinds of PR sunshine for your birthday! I've never colored my hair either- unless you count letting one of my friends give me 'highlights' in high school once (ugh, never again!) I'll be having my 2nd or 3rd kid in 5 years, but let's time that up, k?! :) LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! You are so cute! Now tell me where those shoes are from, i need cute shoes for a ugly bridesmaid dress i have to wear next month and those would make it less painful

  6. Happy early birthday...hope it's a fabulous one! By the look of things, though, I think you got this one covered!! :)

  7. Happy birthday!!! Hope you are having a great time!!!!

  8. Happy birthday eve!!! Can't wait to see all your PR pictures even if I'm insanely jealous :) Have a great week!

  9. Happy 25th Birthday! Have an amazing time in Puerto Rico!

  10. have a great birthday and have fun in Puerto Rico!!

  11. I studied biological anthropology too :) at JMU. It's such an interesting subject.

  12. You are adorable. Happy Birthday and have fun in PR. :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

  13. Happy birthday from a fellow Sigma Kappa! Have a blast in Puerto Rico! <3

  14. Love the facts & happy 25th! I actually did the same kind of post when I turned 25 in April. That's funny about kissing the plane.. never heard of that one! Enjoy your trip :)

  15. Happy early Birthday!!

  16. Love this! Have a great birthday! Also I love your look in the pic you posted, your dress & shoes are fabulous!

    Crumbs & Curls

  17. Happy, happy birthday!! Love your 25 things!!

  18. I've never colored my hair either, but I get more and more random grey hairs every day so I feel it coming on soon! Hopefully I can make it through my wedding so I don't look like a completely different person in my photos!


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