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4 Weeks Fit Challenge!

I DID IT! I have survived finals and the most hectic semester ever.  I just have 25 hours of work this weekend and then I'm home free until vacation and our move!  Today I'm linking up (a day late...oops) with Erin and Kristen for their 4 Weeks Fit Challenge!

I don't think there could be a better time for this challenge, considering it will be nonstop bikini season for me in a few weeks!  Plus, I have a certain white dress I want to look bangin' in next year ;)

So, I have set 3 goals for this month.  They are all things I should be working on and just need a kick in the bum to get started.  Now that I'm off from school until the 27th, I have no excuse!

1. Gain at least 5lbs.  I know this isn't going to be a popular goal, so I'm just going to cut you off and say no, you do not wish you had my problem.  Maybe someday I'll do a full post on it, but I'm not thin because I have any kind of eating disorder or because I want to be.  Until we get my issues figured out I have to make a conscious effort to just not lose weight.  I hate looking like a skeleton and know I need to put a good 15lbs on me to look my best (and have this weird thing people call energy)!  So, even though the meds are out of my control, strength training and watching (aka tripling!) my calorie intake will really help.
This is the only picture I could find from back when I was at a healthier weight.  A girl needs a few curves! ;)

2. Do some sort of exercise every day.  I know I'm not going to suddenly become a gym rat over night, especially since it is so far away.  However, I do know that when I work out I do want to work out more and it's a happy cycle.  So my goal is to do something every day, be it a walk, swim, or strength training.  I absolutely love the Tone It Up girls' workouts, and I joined their Bikini Series.  I can do them at home, they're quick, and I can do more if I have time or just one if I want to get my blood pumping.  Every little bit counts!

3. Drink more water! I've been really good at getting out of the habit of drinking soda, and when I drink I do have water (albeit with mio...) but I need to start drinking more plain water.  I love the blowy dewey skin look, and that's the perfect motivation for me to stay hydrated!

Can't wait to see how I've done in a month!

Love, Fun & Football


  1. I'm so glad you're joining in! Everyone's goals are so different, and I hope you ROCK IT OUT these next 4 weeks and feel healthier at the end of it :) MUAH!

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals! I REALLY need to start drinking more water everyday as well! You are going to be such a beautiful bride :)


  3. you got this!!! I am glad you are doing the bikini series too!!! you have my number if you need some accountability partner!!! I found drinking water through a tumbler w a straw, helps me drink more water during the day

  4. Awesome goals girl! You can do it! :) Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. You're going to ROCK your goals, ma'am!!! :) yay

  6. I joined the bikini series too, I'm actually a TIU member. I LOVE it! Their workouts are amazing, you will kick ass :)

  7. Drinking more water is so important! Great goal. And I hope you're able to gain some weight! Good luck. Stopping over from the linkup!


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