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My May Goal!

I was going to title this post "May Goals" but then I realized all my goals could be boiled down to one single goal.

Have fun.

I finished school last week with at least 4 As (the other 2 grades are still being calculated) and survived working through the whole weekend.  After a few setbacks my health is headed in the right direction and the sun is starting to come out.  Now it's time to start enjoying what will hopefully be one of the best months ever!  I honestly think this month will make up for all the time spent in Hunker. :)

On May 14th I will fly to Puerto Rico for a week with my family, maid of honor, and a bunch of family friends.

While I'm there, on the 17th I will turn 25! 25.  That seems really old.  That seems like an age when I need to have my life figured out.  Luckily, I seem to be heading in the right direction!  I'm bummed I won't be able to celebrate it with Dom, but having my family there will be so special!

On May 22, Dom will take his last exam and be finished with his first year of medical school!  Even though this has been a long hard year, it also seems like it has flown.  I feel like it was only yesterday we got the news that Dom was accepted and started planning our move to Pennsylvania! 

On May 24th Dom and Nick will head out in a massive UHaul and my mom and I will set of in my car and Dom's car and start our journey south!

On May 25th, around noon-ish we will arrive in FLORIDA!  The next day Dom's parents will fly down and we will all spend the week exploring Bradenton/Sarasota, celebrating birthdays, mother's day, and getting our tan on!  

I find myself thinking a lot about all the stuff that needs to get done in the next week but I want to focus on the fun!  In a month I will be all moved into my new apartment and new life in Florida, I will have finally met Hallie, and Dom and I can be back where we belong!  So much has changed since we moved to Florida for the first time two years ago (crazy!) and I can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us!


  1. What an exciting month!!! Enjoy it alll :)

  2. Love that goal and it's definitely one that I know I could actually accomplish ! ;)

  3. The midwest misses you already! :) I know this month is going to be one of the best ever for you though! :)

  4. I am SO happy that you are already moving back to florida. DEFINITELY have fun and I think that will be easy for you. YOU BELONG WHERE SUNSHINE SHINES.

  5. That goal sounds about right! Having fun is always important!!

  6. Such an exciting time!! Puerto Rico and Florida both sound amazing! Life is just better when you're having fun :)

  7. I cannnnnot wait for you to get here, and to show you around have you fall in love with Sarasota. It is such a "Robin" place and I think you guys will never be able to leave:)

  8. Congrats, congrats on your awesome grades! I know it feels GREAT that summer is finally here!

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