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Prayers For Jenna

Yesterday, the hearts of everyone in the Crouse Hospital community, Syracuse, Ft. Drum and across the world were broken when the beautiful Jenna Hinman passed away.   She was 26 years old, and left behind her soldier husband and 2 month old twin baby girls.

Every once in awhile a patient comes around that brings an entire community together in hope and prayer, and she was that patient.  We all got excited when our little hospital was on ABC News when her story went national.  Her cancer was rare and she was fighting it like a champ.  My father, his three partners and countless other doctors and nurses at Crouse worked together to try and help her fight this battle.  Her story was so heartbreaking, but my dad's stories were always happy.  He told us how the family "moved in" to the ICU and were so friendly and supportive, always buying lunch for the whole unit and smiling and supporting each other.  Brandon laughed when my dad told him the babies needed to get well soon because his wife and daughter wanted to see baby pictures.  When Jenna was awake she refused to use her note pad and was pointing frantically at my dad's iPhone case to make sure he knew she loved the NY Giants too.  We all fell in love with Jenna over the past 2 months and learning of her passing last night left us all shaken to the core.  I really, really thought she was going to make it.

Her friends have been running an amazing Prayers For Jenna Facebook page to keep everyone (including the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who have caught on and started following her story) up to date on her journey.  I ask that you still send prayers and good wishes to her family and friends who so need it at this time.  On the page there are also avenues to donate to the family, if you feel so inclined.  Her husband now has newborn twins to care for on his own, and any help whether financially or through prayer would be wonderful.

Please keep this family in your prayers today.


  1. so sad. will check out her facebook page.

  2. aw I am so sorry for them and their heart breaking story, but also for you and your family in this tough time!

  3. This is so heart-breaking. Cancer patients and their families are a passion of mine. This just makes me so upset. And it's too close to home as I'm a survivor, dealing with many complications and currently going through a "scare" of relapse (don't know anything yet.) I wish I had extra money to donate but seeing as my own cancer bills are high, I can justify but I can offer up many, many prayers and thoughts. I cannot imagine leaving my husband and family behind let alone two newborns!!!! Goodness, it's just so unfair!


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