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Trending Tuesday: Beach Coverups!

Living in Florida means my new wardrobe will consist of two things...bathing suits and beach coverups!  I can usually be found in my $5 cotton one from Target, but there are so many cute ones now I just might have to branch out!  Here are some I'm loving.
I love the idea of using a kimono as a coverup!  
So many of these looks could transfer from the pool to the beach bar effortlessly...and if you know me, once it hits 5 o'clock I don't want anything standing between me and my margarita. ;)

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  1. Number 4!!! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. love the white piece!! so glad you linked up :)

  3. Obsessing with all of these! That white is just gorgeous!

  4. Ummm obsessed. I can see your cute little self in all of these. I am SO jealous...I need a beach in my life like, yesterday.

  5. Love the kimono one. I found some cute ones that look like the first pic you posted at Target for $20 which in my opinion is an awesome deal.

  6. I love all of these!! I just bought one for the honeymoon but I'm convinced I need one for each day of the honeymoon...kind of like when I bought 6 new swimsuits...gulp.


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