Palm Beach Weekend!

Oh, my heart pretty much exploded this weekend.  We hopped in the car on Friday morning and drove back "home" to West Palm Beach for the weekend!  We spent Friday with some of Dom's friends from work, and then spent Saturday and Sunday vising all our favorite places.  It felt like we never left. :)

 Worth Ave Clock Tower

Saturday evening we went to our beloved City Place!  It is my favorite place in West Palm.  It's so vibrant and with the lights and live music playing it is the perfect evening spot.  Afterwards, we headed to the waterfront to watch the yachts come and go at sunset.  The weather was perfect, low 80s with a cool breeze.  Dom may have fallen asleep. ;)

Then, Sunday.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I visited my favorite place on earth, The Breakers Palm Beach.

Even more, we went to the Lilly Pulitzer store.  There is nothing quite like the Lilly store at the Breakers.  It really is my ultimate pink & green heaven.

My throne. ;)

However, I didn't go just to browse.  Every since April when Lilly came out with their exclusive Breakers print (that is only available at The Breakers) I have been counting down until we could go!  Once I picked it up I felt like a true Lilly Girl. 

Me too,  Lilly.  Me too.

I am so happy West Palm is so close to us.  It still feels like home and I have my fingers crossed Dom gets rotations over there next year!


Dom's Blog Takeover

Okay, it's no secret that Dom lives just as colorfully as I do.  But finally, after a lot some persuasion, he has finally agreed to help me with a mini-series for the blog this summer lovingly deemed...

Freshen Up Fridays!

Whenever I post a picture of Dom wearing his super bright preppy outfits I get comments from women wishing he could teach their men how to dress a little more colorfully, and now he is!
See, when I met Dom his attire was...not my taste.  We're talking Ed Hardy/Jersey Shore-esque.  It only took one year for him to slowly turn prep and then go total prep.  Now, I'm not propositioning all your men to run out and buy bright pink and green pants, but every other week Dom is going to take over the blog to talk about easy ways up "freshen up" your man's wardrobe.  He has some of his favorite lesser known brands to introduce you all to, manly gift guides, and even little changes to dress up an outfit!  Hopefully, if you're thinking your man's wardrobe needs a little pick me up you can get some good ideas!  Or at least enjoy watching Dom endure being my model this summer! ;)

We have a bunch of topics lined up, but if you have any manly fashion related questions please send them my way!  Dom may roll his eyes when I make him pose for blog pictures, but I think he'll get as addicted as we all are pretty soon. :)

Happy Friday!

ONA Camera Bag & Strap Giveaway! {$450 Value}

Happy Friday sweet ones! Oh, I am so very excited for today and the exciting opportunity that you have to win a ONA Camera bag and strap (up to a $450 value!!). It all started when I was on the hunt for a cute & quality camera bag for my new camera! I found and fell in love with ONA, bought a bag of my own, and wanted to share one with you! I have gathered a few of my favorites who are partnering with me to bring ONA Bags to you!

If you are wondering, I got the Capri Bag. You will see pictures of it soon once I get it in the mail! I wanted to give away the same one because it is my favorite but then I thought they really are so great and you should choose for yourself!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Perfect Beach Tote {Review}

Let me start off by saying that I promise I am wearing a bathing suit in all of these pictures!  I didn't realize until it was too late how exposed the angle was....so don't panic!

It's no secret that the majority of my life these days is spent at the beach or the pool.  I have a bunch of totes that I use for the beach, but they are never big enough.  When I go to the beach I have a lot.  We bring beach chairs, towels, books, food, drinks, games, etc.  This bag from Marley Lilly is the perfect size.  It fits everything I need and is super easy to clean off if you don't want sand everywhere!  Truth be told, I used this bag for a week before taking these pictures and managed to spill pina colada on it as well as get sand into ever crevice.  But, all it took was a quick brush off and it was ready for its debut!  
If you're in the market for a beach bag this summer this one is a no-brainer. Big, monogrammed, and under $30.  Your biggest worry will be choosing a color! 

P.s.  It's so cute your man won't even mind carrying it from time to time. ;)
p.p.s. He may have a sneaky surprise for you all tomorrow!


Life's a Beach and I'm Just Playing in the Sand

I've been shying away from lifestyle posts lately, not because nothing fun has been going on, but because I have a feeling people will get really sick of seeing another post about my trip to the beach! With Dom having the summer off and me in online classes it makes it almost too easy to be outside every day.  Here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to lately!

A ton of Dom's new classmates live in our complex, and we have a bunch of bars in walking distance, so you can imagine we have had a lot of fun getting to know everyone!  One bar downtown has trivia nights on Thursday, and we had an absolute blast.  However, after a pitcher (or two) of cider we did not do well at all.  Thankfully, that wasn't the point!  We're heading back this week all ready to dominate. ;)

On Saturdays there is a fresh market downtown and Dom and I finally made it last weekend.  We have a strange love of fresh markets.  I love walking outside and finding local produce and goodies.  It gives us a fun reason to get out of bed Saturday mornings, and it's right on the way to the beach!  We picked up this little guy on the way out.  It makes the perfect mini centerpiece and only requires one ice cube ever 2 weeks.  That's my kind of plant.
Biggest Siesta Key rookie mistake?  Getting to the beach anytime after 11am on a Saturday.  We may or may not have driven around for over 20 minutes looking for a spot.  Thankfully, Dom got a little tan out there and right after this picture set up his Tommy Bahama in the back and enjoyed the ride!  It's so fun to see Dom so relaxed down here.  Florida definitely suits him!
After the beach it was time for a fish boil outside with some wine and a sunset!  Pure.  Heaven.  We sat outside and ate with some friends before walking up to the bar to see the end of the USA game.  It's crazy how insane people get watching the game!  You would honestly think you were in the stadium.  It's awesome. 

This weekend, we also decided to go out college style.  I'm talking pregame, flip cup, tequila, and dancing.  We had so much fun and even managed to be functional the next day!  I was so proud of us for being fun but still responsible.  Then I opened my phone and saw this...


National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day!

Saturday was one of my favorite holidays of the year...National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day!  It falls on the first day of summer which is perfect, since Lilly's mantra is "It's always summer somewhere."
lilly pulitzer dress

 I celebrated by wearing the dress I got engaged in!  It's sentimental value has made it one of my favorites. :)  I also celebrated by scrolling through and dreaming about Lilly's newest collection.  Even though I love wearing loud colorful prints, I know that some people find Lilly a little too "loud" so I love that the newest collection has a lot of neutral dresses that don't scream quite so loud.  Still, their classic cuts make them scream Lilly!  Below are some that I am dying to have in my closet!  Click the photo for complete product details.


Summer Shoes $25 and Under

Summer Shoes $25 and under

When I unpacked in our new apartment I realized that for someone who loves to live colorfully I had a ton of shoes...that are all nude.  Even though it makes my shoe rack look a little boring, I love having a shoe collection that goes with everything.  Of course, I have a few pairs of hot pink heels to even in out. ;)  If you're in the market for new shoes this summer and don't want to break the bank you can shop these picks below!  All are under $25...perfect for those of us that just can't say "No" to shoes!


Mint Denim

mint denim

white and mint

lilly pulitzer bag

mint jeans

white peplum top

mint denim
White Peplum Top // Mint Denim, similar, love these // Shoes, similar (splurge),  similar (save), // Bag, old, love this and this

This week's theme is denim, so I'm cheating a little and pulling out these mint denim beauties that have been waiting patiently in my drawer!  The first time I tried them on I literally declared out loud that they are what dreams are made of.  They are soft, stretchy, and the perfect color.  The only thing more perfect is the white peplum top from J. Crew factory.  It is so inexpensive and so flattering.  If you follow me on instagram you saw I wore it last night with dark denim and a pop of red for the USA game!  It pairs perfectly with all the fun colorful pants and skirts I have for summer.  Plus, it's strapless and sweetheart which is really the most perfect combination you could ever imagine.



If You Like Margaritas...And Getting Caught In The Rain

Then you would have had a blast on Dom and my date last night!  We made the impromptu decision to walk the .4 miles from our complex to downtown Lakewood Ranch since it was a gorgeous, hot, and sunny evening.  We walked over, sat down outside at a little Mexican restaurant, snap chatted Erin (because you can't have Mexican and not snap Erin) and Dom ordered a pitcher of margaritas.

...I should have known then that it would be a good night!  However, after a few rounds of drinks and our food we heard the stereotypical distant roll of thunder, but didn't think much of it.  Storms roll around all the time down here, so a little thunder was nothing.  Plus it was still brilliant sunshine.

Fast forward about 2.3 minutes.  The winds changed, the sky went black and it started positively pouring!  Everyone at the tables around us got up and sprinted inside the restaurant, but Dom and I were kind of trapped under our umbrella so we stayed put.

Right before the clouds broke!

As the rain continued we realized we were kind of stuck.  I had an umbrella, but it was absolutely no match for the rain.  So what did we do?

Poured another round, Dom took out his phone, turned on some Blake Shelton Pandora, and enjoyed having the whole patio (and street!) to ourselves.  We talked about anything and everything, and just watched the storm come in.  We drank, listened to country and didn't care about our to-do lists since there was no way we could leave!  I can't remember the last time we weren't each focused on our own things and really had time to bond, and in such an unexpected day!  Nice fancy date nights are really fun, but sometimes it's better to get some pina coladas margaritas and get caught in the rain.


I Can't Believe!

...how many times I've had to use this prompt the last few weeks!  I feel like life has been so up in the air for the last 6 weeks with vacation and the move, and I'm very excited to get settled into a routine after this weekend.

...I moved to Florida just over 2 weeks ago but I'm flying up to NY on Thursday for one of my best friends' bridal shower and bachelorette party! On that note...

...I can't believe Julia is getting married!  I'm not sure when we all grew up?

...my love for The Island Cabana, the cutest boutique on Anna Maria Island.  Dom and I drove out there last week to explore and it is my little slice of heaven.  They have tons of Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and the cutest coastal fashions and decorations.  If they served food I would have had anything I could possibly need all in one place!  I picked up these adorable bracelets and was so happy.  I can almost never find bracelets that fit my baby wrists!

...I lived in Sarasota for 2 weeks before I met up with Hallie!  We had a Sunday full of brunch, mimosas, and shopping.  I feel like only bloggers can understand meeting an old friend for the first time, but that's what it felt like!  I am so so happy we live in the same city now! :)

... how fun it is to register for our shower!  Not going to lie, Dom was smart to not leave me alone with that gun!  I wanted to zap everything.  It's like the greatest Christmas wish-list...ever.

...I wore black the other day.  And I liked it.  Maybe it was the pop of red that won me over...but I scared myself a little!  Don't worry though, I was back to hot pink the next day.


Warby Parker Sunglasses

Earlier today I mentioned that sunglasses are one of my favorite summer accessories.  In my opinion, there is no such thing as too many pairs.  I was recently introduced to the company Warby Parker when I was contacted to help spread the word about their new collection, and I am so glad!  Not only are their sunglasses amazing, but they help people too.  For every pair of sunglasses purchased, another pair is sent to people in need.  However, this new collection takes it a step further.

Do you recognize the gorgeous face behind those glasses?!  Warby Parker's newest collaboration is with Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss.  Along with her stunning taste, Karlie is also involved in causes very close to my heart, nutrition for children.  For every pair of sunglasses purchased from this collection, a portion of the sale will be donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC.   Edible Schoolward NYC is company that provides gardens, kitchens, and education to low income schools in NYC so children can learn healthy habits from a young age.  As a Dietitian in training, I think this is amazing!  Pretty much, you get to be stylish and help people at the same time. Win-win.  

But, enough chatting, take a look at the collection!  

The Clara

The Julia

Lastly, my favorite!

The Marple

I have had my eye on cat eye sunglasses for awhile, and I love how this subtle shape makes it stylish, but still classic.  I absolutely love the unexpected wire detailing.  I haven't seen anything like it before, and it will really set these glasses apart!  

If you are looking for new sunnies (and let's be real, who isn't?!) I highly recommend Warby Parker! I love companies that give back, and their styles are amazing.  In the time it has taken me to write this post my fiancĂ© has stolen my computer twice to pick out new styles he wants. 

Karlie's collection launches today, so head on over and explore!


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