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Best Looks From Miss USA 2014

Last night I accomplished something I've only dreamed of before...I got a workout while watching TV.  I think it was particularly cruel to broadcast the Tonys and Miss USA at the same time, so I had one TV on Miss USA in the living room and one with the Tonys in my bedroom was was literally running back and forth the entire time.  I couldn't possibly miss the love of my life hosting! Hey, Hugh...Call me maybe? ;) 

I wanted to highlight my favorite looks from both events here today, but sadly the Tonys red carpet left a lot to be I'll stick to the fabulous evening gowns from last night. 
Am I the only one that thought the show was pretty slow?  I mean...taking over an hour to announce the Top 20 was a little much!  I also found those white swimsuits to be just I was really excited to see what the evening gowns had to offer.  Thankfully, I think most nailed their dresses!  Below are my favorites. 

My all time favorite was from Miss Nevada!  Some people hated her dress, but I absolutely loved it.  The color was amazing.  I called her winning from her intro, she is so gorgeous and I think she nailed her interview question.  But, she wore a different dress than her preliminary so I can't find a picture!  Seriously though, take my word for it.  Stunning!

*All images from Miss Universe
Who were you cheering for?


  1. All of those gowns are beautiful, love the first one the best though.

  2. I thought Iowa's dress was really different, but beautiful. I actually wasn't a fan of Nevada's dress! I thought the slit in the middle with the poofing on the sides made it look really awkward! But I did love red on her!

  3. Woohoo miss Nevada!! So happy to have a home-state winner :-)

  4. I was stuck watching Despicable Me so I missed it :( but ummm give me South Carolina's dress now.

  5. Love Miss NV. reminded me of Olivia Culpo!

  6. In my next life, I want to be a beauty queen.

  7. I loved Miss Nevada too! That dress was banging! I'm so glad she won!

  8. I'm glad you showed these because I missed it :( Thanks for the small recap! Did you happen to pay attention to Texas? just curious how she did?

  9. North Dakota went to my high school...that color looked AMAZING with her tan and her dark hair. :) I only caught the top 6 results, so thanks for the recap. :)


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