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Dom's Blog Takeover

Okay, it's no secret that Dom lives just as colorfully as I do.  But finally, after a lot some persuasion, he has finally agreed to help me with a mini-series for the blog this summer lovingly deemed...

Freshen Up Fridays!

Whenever I post a picture of Dom wearing his super bright preppy outfits I get comments from women wishing he could teach their men how to dress a little more colorfully, and now he is!
See, when I met Dom his attire was...not my taste.  We're talking Ed Hardy/Jersey Shore-esque.  It only took one year for him to slowly turn prep and then go total prep.  Now, I'm not propositioning all your men to run out and buy bright pink and green pants, but every other week Dom is going to take over the blog to talk about easy ways up "freshen up" your man's wardrobe.  He has some of his favorite lesser known brands to introduce you all to, manly gift guides, and even little changes to dress up an outfit!  Hopefully, if you're thinking your man's wardrobe needs a little pick me up you can get some good ideas!  Or at least enjoy watching Dom endure being my model this summer! ;)

We have a bunch of topics lined up, but if you have any manly fashion related questions please send them my way!  Dom may roll his eyes when I make him pose for blog pictures, but I think he'll get as addicted as we all are pretty soon. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Yessss this is great! My boyfriend and I went to a horse race this spring, very southern attire required. It was like pulling teeth to get him to buy pale yellow shorts and a light blue and white checkered Polo button down. We live in NC and my ex was southern and dressed super preppy and I loved it. My boyfriend now is from upstate NY and hates all things southern attire. I'm looking forward to Dom's pointers!

  2. I give you credit for wrangling him into doing this! Kudos!

  3. My man's wardrobe is more colorful than mine!!! You two look great together!

  4. Modeling, fashion writing and medical school??? Impressive.

  5. What a fun idea!! My boyfriend keeps asking when I'm going to feature him on my blog… we'll see! And Ed Hardy to bright green shorts, that's quite the transformation but I love it! Happy Friday :)

  6. annnnd I love this! :)

  7. YES such a cute idea cant wait to see

  8. You guys are just.too.gorgeous. My heart is going to explode with all of the colorfully-coordinated happiness.

  9. As much as I love that my guy has his own sense of style, I can't say I'd hate it if we could make a sloooow transition to join us on the dark side... Or should I say bright side?! hehe, seriously looking forward to this!


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