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I Can't Believe! many times I've had to use this prompt the last few weeks!  I feel like life has been so up in the air for the last 6 weeks with vacation and the move, and I'm very excited to get settled into a routine after this weekend.

...I moved to Florida just over 2 weeks ago but I'm flying up to NY on Thursday for one of my best friends' bridal shower and bachelorette party! On that note...

...I can't believe Julia is getting married!  I'm not sure when we all grew up? love for The Island Cabana, the cutest boutique on Anna Maria Island.  Dom and I drove out there last week to explore and it is my little slice of heaven.  They have tons of Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and the cutest coastal fashions and decorations.  If they served food I would have had anything I could possibly need all in one place!  I picked up these adorable bracelets and was so happy.  I can almost never find bracelets that fit my baby wrists!

...I lived in Sarasota for 2 weeks before I met up with Hallie!  We had a Sunday full of brunch, mimosas, and shopping.  I feel like only bloggers can understand meeting an old friend for the first time, but that's what it felt like!  I am so so happy we live in the same city now! :)

... how fun it is to register for our shower!  Not going to lie, Dom was smart to not leave me alone with that gun!  I wanted to zap everything.  It's like the greatest Christmas wish-list...ever.

...I wore black the other day.  And I liked it.  Maybe it was the pop of red that won me over...but I scared myself a little!  Don't worry though, I was back to hot pink the next day.


  1. Those bracelets are so gorgeous and you look stunning in the black outfit (totally chic like Victoria Beckham) but I agree that color is totally more fun.

  2. I can't believe how flawless you look. At all times!!!!

  3. You are adorable! Anna-Maria Island is my absolute favorite beach in Florida! Next time I'm visiting we are totally meeting there!

  4. I had a blogger date with Hallie back in March when I was visiting Sarasota and it was exactly like you described it - meeting an old friend for the first time! I already started planning my next trip back... maybe all 3 of us can get together! I LOVED everything about the area!

  5. Black is just the best. But also you rock color like NOBODIES business


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