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June Goals and #4WeeksFit Results!

I am sure every single blog post you read will say this today...but holy crap.  How is it June already?! I literally woke up yesterday, looked at my phone and was so startled to see the 1 on my calendar icon.  This year is flying by!

At the beginning of May I linked up and set 3 fitness/health goals for my month and I ended up getting a 66%.  Which is technically a D...but it's passing so that's good? Hehe. ;)

My 3 goals were to start drinking more water, gain 5 pounds, and do some sort of physical activity every day.  I am happy to say that I completed the first 2!  I wrote about getting esophagitis, and unfortunately not being able to eat for a few days caused me to lose 4 pounds, but I gained those back and 3 I'm considering it a success!  7 more pounds and I will be at a healthy weight for my height.

Also, getting sick had an interesting side effect!  As I eased back into swallowing, the only thing I could have was room temperature water.  I used to not be able to stand plain water at all but once it was the only thing I could get down my body started craving it!  When I was in Puerto Rico I would have up to 4 bottles a day (sometimes more)!  Since getting better I've stayed on my water kick and really hope I can keep it up.  I honestly thought it would be my hardest goal!

Now, the third goal I completely failed.  I did workout videos the first few days of the month, but once I got sick I dropped the ball completely.  Now, I didn't just sit around eating bonbons, I went for walks, strolled the beach, swam, and packed and unpacked my apartment, but I didn't do any of my free weights or daily workouts like I planned.  Now, I have a free gym and yoga room at my complex so no excuses!  If I want to look amazing on my wedding day I need to start now.

Speaking of starting are some June Goals!

1. Be more consistent with my blog posts/not throw them together with iPhone pictures the night before!  Granted, I've moved and had company so I don't like to disappear for hours to work on my blog, but when I do feel like I'm on my blogging A game it makes me really happy, so I want to make sure I commit to it.  The direction of my blog might be shifting slightly in the future, and I think that will keep me excited to come back every day!

2. Work hard and play hard.  These next 2 months are going to be crazy!  I'm taking 3 classes including Medical Nutrition Therapy which will be one of my hardest, and I'm also traveling back to NY 3 times for wedding things and Dom's family vacation.  It's going to be crazy packed, but I know I can do it!

3.  Enjoy exploring Florida!  Even though my summer will be busy, Dom has 2 months off for the last time, so I want to really enjoy the time we have together and explore our new city.  Even if we're only sitting on our couch, I don't want to take any time for granted!


  1. Good job on your goals!! I love water - it's just so refreshing!! Enjoy exploring Florida and having those 2 months with non-studying Dom :)

  2. Darnit I just miss you!!! I'm glad your health is seemingly better and on the right track! I worry about my lil avocado!!!

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better and gained the weight back, go you!!! & girl, no matter WHAT you do/don't are GOING to look amazing on your wedding day. Seriously, there's just no way that you couldn't ;) good luck with your June goals!!!! Mwah!

  4. You go girl! Let's keep each other up on these June goals, I have a few of my own!


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