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Palm Beach Weekend!

Oh, my heart pretty much exploded this weekend.  We hopped in the car on Friday morning and drove back "home" to West Palm Beach for the weekend!  We spent Friday with some of Dom's friends from work, and then spent Saturday and Sunday vising all our favorite places.  It felt like we never left. :)

 Worth Ave Clock Tower

Saturday evening we went to our beloved City Place!  It is my favorite place in West Palm.  It's so vibrant and with the lights and live music playing it is the perfect evening spot.  Afterwards, we headed to the waterfront to watch the yachts come and go at sunset.  The weather was perfect, low 80s with a cool breeze.  Dom may have fallen asleep. ;)

Then, Sunday.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I visited my favorite place on earth, The Breakers Palm Beach.

Even more, we went to the Lilly Pulitzer store.  There is nothing quite like the Lilly store at the Breakers.  It really is my ultimate pink & green heaven.

My throne. ;)

However, I didn't go just to browse.  Every since April when Lilly came out with their exclusive Breakers print (that is only available at The Breakers) I have been counting down until we could go!  Once I picked it up I felt like a true Lilly Girl. 

Me too,  Lilly.  Me too.

I am so happy West Palm is so close to us.  It still feels like home and I have my fingers crossed Dom gets rotations over there next year!


  1. I was drooling and dying of jealousy as I stalked you IG all weekend ;) That first picture is just perfection- the palm trees, the lights, the colors--- ah! I miss Florida!!

  2. That sounds like the best weekend!! That's so awesome it's still close :)

  3. I think I'm planning my next trip to Florida to see you and you can show me ALL of palm beach! So so jealous!!!! And the store looks amazing!

  4. ahh. I serrrriously need to get my butt to this side of Florida. This looks amazing!

  5. My hometown! The chapel (The Royal Poinciana) I was married in is tucked behind the big tree on the far right of the photo you posted from the waterfront. It is a gorgeous spot to get married. Our wedding portraits were taken on the back lawn at sunset with the intracoastal and WPB as the background. And that tree is a pretty famous place to take photos at. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Love that LP scarf.


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