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The Day I Almost Got Eaten By a Manatee.

Okay, so that's a mild exaggeration.  But only a slight one.

So it didn't try to eat me, but still.  Scary crapola.  Let me start from the beginning.

It was a beautiful day on Siesta Key Beach.  It was a little cloudy, but that was fine because we just wanted to relax and not boil too much.  After a couple hours the sun came out and we got really hot and decided to go in the water.  

We waded in until the water was about to my shoulders, so I could swim around but not work too hard.  We did go to relax, after all!  As we were floating around we saw 2 schools of fish swim by...rather quickly.  Dom said that there was definitely something scaring them, but I just figured it was a bigger fish.  Of course, that got my mind wandering and I mentioned to Dom how it was weird that most shark attacks happen in that depth of water.  Of course, I didn't actually think it was a shark, so I wasn't afraid.

Then, a few seconds later Dom was looking behind me and goes "Babe...Babe..." and I didn't really get what he was saying until I turned around and saw a HUGE black figure swimming in the water mayyyybe a foot away from me.  And boy, did I scream.  I am not sure if I spit out all the curse words I knew or yelled to the sweet baby Jesus but I think I peed myself and had a heart attack at the same time.  

Once it swam by and I started breathing a little slower the people next to us go, "Oh don't worry!  It's just a manatee!"  

Hmm.  I'm pretty sure it just tried to eat me.  And I lived!

Now,  manatees are cool and all, but when a 10ft object swims up to you in the ocean it's pretty much the scariest thing ever.  I tried to play it cool and stayed in the water for another 5 minutes or so before I convinced myself a shark was lurking behind me and had to get out.

So, I sat on the beach and counted my blessings.  After all, I had just survived a manatee trying to eat me.  Or just swim by me.  Same difference. 


  1. I can't swim in the ocean. All I think about is sharks sharks sharks sharks! I go in about knee deep and I'm good haha.

  2. Holy CRAP!!! That's insane haha I'd have freaked out, too! Glad it didn't eat our little Robin!! I was stung by a couple jellyfish TWO DAYS in a row on vacation a few years back, so more I'm a little leery on touching the ground in an ocean unless I can see the bottom; but oh my lanta! Siesta Key is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Jealous.

  3. Hahaha, that's happened to me but it actually was just a fish! My cousin was with me and ran out of the water screaming and crying!!

  4. I'm terrified of all sea the point that I perhaps had a panic attack trying to snorkel in HI. The comical part is I swam competitively from the time I was 5 until I got hurt in high school, so the water is like home to me. Sea creatures? Very stressful. Glad you're back in FL and enjoying it! So jealous of your weather!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I was on Siesta Key (more specifically, Crescent Beach), just last week, and I swear I recognize your umbrella! It caught my eye because of the rainbow colors! Too funny-small world, huh?Glad you weren't eaten ;-)

  6. To calm you down a little, manatees are herbivores. You're fine. :)

  7. I was @ the beach just last week & I was scared to so do not feel bad! I was snorkeling & then I noticed something beside I about died turns out it was a fish just the size of me but still scary none the less that thing could have eaten me whole..

  8. Oh my gosh. I would probably be crying at that point. I probably would've been freaking out as soon as the schoool of fish swam by because well..I'm lame. But I'm glad you didnt get eaten! :)



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