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You will NEVER catch me...

You will never catch me...

Playing volleyball at the beach. I go to the beach to do one thing and that's to be a bum.

Turning down a fruity girly drink

Without mascara.

With my hair au natural

Without water nowadays. Who am I?

Sitting inside at a restaurant if there's an option to be outside.

In a dance club at 2am. That shop had sailed.

Carrying a knock off. I'll wait until I can afford the real thing.

Saying "oh no, I have enough sundresses!"

Same goes for bags. And shoes.

Drinking Pepsi. Team Coke all the way, and yes I can tell when you give me Pepsi (but no, I won't send it back).

Complaining it's too hot. 

Without my David Yurman ring. 

Listening to Deirks Bentley.

Doing an oyster shooter.  Once was more than enough. 

Driving without my GPS, even if it's just showing the map.

Dressing in black.  Unless it's for a funeral. #livecolorfully.


  1. It still amazes me when people are shocked that I can taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke! I thought everyone could since they taste NOTHING a like lol.

  2. I can totally taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi, too! For the record I LOVE Pepsi products (hollaa mountain dew!!!) but way prefer the taste of actual Coke ;) this list was fun. I have one in the drafts kind of similiar! And I LOVE wearing color but sometimes wear black to work because it's "easy"... #boring

  3. Super cute post. I'm borrowing it, with credit of course!

  4. Love this post! I completely agree, but you can find me in black quite often. BUT I always throw on fun accessories and colorful shoes to go with the look. :) You totally sounds like my twin though. Ha!

  5. I love this post as well!! I definitely prefer Coke over Pepsi but LOVE Mountain Dew, ha!

  6. Love this post! Yes, there is def a big difference between Coke & Pepsi!

  7. I can totally taste the difference between the coke and pepsi! I love this post! If you don't mind I think I may steal this idea for an upcoming post while I have surgery :) I love that you only wear color, I need help with that!

  8. haha I love this! I'm the same way with the restaurants and an outside option, I LOVE sitting outside :)

  9. glad someone agrees with me re: knockoffs, I too would rather save up for the real thing

  10. I was so guilty of the black on black on black uniform and then I moved to Hawaii and I look like a citrus plant. It's so much more fun! :)

  11. I love this post and I definitely love your outfit.

  12. Love this post! How fun & I agree Coke is way better then Pepsi..


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