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A Special "Treat!"

I think as bloggers we can all agree that we are picture hoarders.  For as long as I can remember I've taken pictures of absolutely everything.  Recently, Dom and I have gotten into making photo books of our travels and years in new cities.  I love that we can pick up a book and flip through our memories whenever we want!
Well, I was recently introduced to Treat by Shutterfly, and my photo loving heart skipped a beat.  With Treat you can personalize any kind of greeting card to make it more fun and special.  Along with being a picture hoarder, I'm also a sucker for getting and sending mail, so this was a match made in heaven!

After our couple's shower I had some hilarious reaction shots from opening gifts and thought it would be so cute to add those pictures when sending my thank you notes.  Then the receiver would really know how much I loved their gift!

I also added pictures I had of them from the party to make it a little more fun!  With Treat you don't have to just make thank you notes, they have cards for every occasion you can think of, and they are completely customizable! Even while we were on vacation I was already thinking of cute pictures I could use for my BIL and future SIL's "Congratulations" card.  I swear, it's addictive!

The best part?  It can be addictive without breaking the bank because these cards are only around $3.50 and great quality.  Another bonus? They will ship the cards for you!  You don't need to worry about making the card, waiting for it to come to you, and then sending it out again.  After it's all beautiful it can be sent straight to the receiver!  Treat really thinks of everything and makes the process easy and fun.  With my wedding just over a year away (!!) I know thank you notes will be my life, and  can't wait to continue using Treat!


Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014

Ah! I have so much to fill you all in on from our trip to Montauk!  It was the most heavenly week and I even got myself a new future sister-in-law!  But sadly this week is my finals week so I have to wait until next week to edit pictures and relive the great trip.  So until then I'm here again to share some bright, pretty things. :)  Our last morning we stopped in East Hampton to go window shopping and the girls at the Lilly store showed me the brand new merchandise from the Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014 line!  Although the prints aren't as bright as what I'm used to, what really stands out to me are the cuts of some of these dresses!  They look so classy and flattering.  I'll take one of each, please!

p.s. the pictures are linked so if you want details or another view of the dress just click on it and you'll go right to the Lilly site!

p.p.s  I decided if I ace my 3 hour stat exam I should be able to buy myself one of these.  That sounds fair, right?! ;)


Printed Maxi

This dress is no longer available, but I am OBSESSED with this strapped maxi from the most recent collection! 

This weeks trend is maxi dresses! Apparently there's a fashion rule that petite women shouldn't wear maxi dresses.  Not going to lie, I was unaware of this rule and wear maxi dresses all the time!  They're quick, easy, and always look nice.  Granted, at 5'3 most of them brush the ground, but I think that just makes them look more elegant!  This is one of my favorite maxi dresses, and I don't think I need to tell you it's Lilly. ;)  I wore it around East Hampton yesterday for our shopping morning, and when I went into the Lilly store the girls there freaked!  I don't think it's possible to look at this much color and not get excited.  What's more, you may recognize this dress from a very special day when I said, "Yes!"


It's Love.

Nordstrom Jeans- Junior // Forever 21 Top, old (similar) // Stuart Weitzman heels, super old, (similar)// Mini Monogrammed Necklace // Tassel Necklace (similar // Target Bracelet, similar // Francesca's Collections Purse, similar //

Love is the only word I have to describe how I feel about these Nordstrom jeans!  I bought them a few months ago from the Junior section and for once I have jeans that actually fit. I usually need to dry my jeans every single time before I wear them because they get all stretched out and saggy.  But, these?  They're firm enough to keep you help up in all the right places but stretchy enough that I can sit down without making a muffin top.  If that isn't love, I don't know what is!


Blogmopolitan Quiz!

Greetings from Montauk!  Since I'm playing all fancy out here in the Hamptons I figured it is the perfect time to play celebrity and fill out the Blogmopolitan Quiz!  You can tell when I wrote this I was craving pizza... Oops! ;)


Necessary Bows

Necessary Clothing White Dress (On Sale for $16!) // Lilly Pulitzer Necklace, old, similar // Nude Patent Leather Heels // Kate Spade Sunnies // Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up Bow Earrings

I recently found Necessary Clothing and spent hours going through all of their adorable dresses, rompers, and tops.  They have a biggest selection of adorable dresses for great prices, and tons of floral rompers that are almost too cute to handle.  I couldn't resist this dress because of the bows on the back!  I thought they were such a cute touch, and I love that the white dress can be the backdrop for all my statement necklaces.  The best part?  This dress is currently on sale for $16!  I plan to wear this as much as possible before Labor Day comes around!


Beach Town

I love living by a beach town.  While it's a little quicker for us to drive into Sarasota for some fun, Dom and I almost always decide to go the extra few minutes to Siesta Key.  Everything down on the key is so colorful, casual, and fun.  That's the exact way I feel about this outfit!  The Lilly Pulitzer top is so cute and fun, and it's perfect for exploring the shops and restaurants right by the beach! 



Progression of Thoughts During the Nordstrom Sale

The morning the sale opens to us normal people.

When you find what you're looking for at 50% off

Filling your cart with all the things.

Remembering that to buy things you need money.

Going back to bed.


4 Years

Dom and I have been together for four whole years today!  Four years ago we were aboard the Minnie Ha Ha in Lake George when Dom asked me if I wanted to be exclusive.  Actually, I think it was standing behind his car after the boat ride...but this way sounds more romantic.  Throughout the last four years we have moved three times, lived in three states, made new friends, said good bye to friends and family, road tripped through Europe, started medical school (him) and a second degree in Nutrition (me).  We have had countless laughs and made precious memories.  We found our happy place and adjusted to living in the complete opposite.  We figured out how to tread the waters of a medical school relationship, and found out ways to make the most of our situation.  I have learned to love Dom for the man he is and wants to be, even if he made me move to Pennsylvania for 9 months, and he has learned to talk through my fears about all the uncertainties of medical school.  Finally, he asked and I answered, and one month after our fifth anniversary we will be pledging our lives to each other.  Whether we are in Hunker or Sarasota, Iowa or Miami, I know I am the luckiest girl to be by his side.    
Here's to 400 more years. <3

You can read about our entire across the world love story here!


WW: Our Jack & Jill Shower and the REAL reason Dom asked me out.

I feel like I will need a million and one posts to talk about how much fun our shower was, but I'm going to try and fit it all into one!  Dom's neighbors and close family friends threw us a couples shower at their house on Lake George for Dom's side of the family last weekend.  Due to Dom's medical school schedule, all parties involving him are going to be this year.  I love that I feel like I get to celebrate my wedding for a whole year!  Per usual, I'll let pictures do a lot of the talking.

 Party Nana!

 During the opening gifts portion (aka the most awkward!) we were surprised with 2 chairs and a chalkboard each.  Then, Jody (Dom's neighbor and our host) read us questions.  If we both answered the same way we got to open a present!  The game was so hilarious and it was a great way to get everyone together and laughing!  Some questions were cute, while others were downright funny (for example, "which of Robin's friends looks best in a bikini?!" We didn't stop laughing the entire time! 

 "Where is the strangest place you've shared a kiss?"
Can you tell I didn't remember what he was talking about?!
 Most annoying habit!
 We got some amazing gifts!

 "What cereal best describes your family's first impression of Dom?" 

Having never been to a Jack & Jill couples shower, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Usually when you think bridal shower you think girly fluffiness, but now I can't see doing the shower with my side of the family any differently! We had an absolute blast.  It was an incredibly beautiful day on Lake George, and we all sat outside, ate, and drank our hearts out all day long!  It was like one big family party that just happened to be completely pink and green. :)  

Can we just talk about these favors?! My bridesmaid Lauren (who happens to be Dom's brother Anthony's girlfriend) made these stickers and I am in LOVE.  Dom's mom, Lauren, and her sister also spent the morning of the party turning Jody's lake house into a pink and green heaven! They went so above and beyond!

Another reason I loved it was all my bridesmaids' boyfriends got to know each other really well.  We had some serious bromances going on!  Now they're already looking forward to hanging out during the wedding while their girlfriends are taking pictures all day long.  I think it is going to be one awesome wedding!

Now, my favorite moment from the day!
Question: Dom, what about Robin first caught your attention?
...he thought I was Italian.

NC Belle In Boots


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