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Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014

Ah! I have so much to fill you all in on from our trip to Montauk!  It was the most heavenly week and I even got myself a new future sister-in-law!  But sadly this week is my finals week so I have to wait until next week to edit pictures and relive the great trip.  So until then I'm here again to share some bright, pretty things. :)  Our last morning we stopped in East Hampton to go window shopping and the girls at the Lilly store showed me the brand new merchandise from the Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014 line!  Although the prints aren't as bright as what I'm used to, what really stands out to me are the cuts of some of these dresses!  They look so classy and flattering.  I'll take one of each, please!

p.s. the pictures are linked so if you want details or another view of the dress just click on it and you'll go right to the Lilly site!

p.p.s  I decided if I ace my 3 hour stat exam I should be able to buy myself one of these.  That sounds fair, right?! ;)

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