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WW: Our Jack & Jill Shower and the REAL reason Dom asked me out.

I feel like I will need a million and one posts to talk about how much fun our shower was, but I'm going to try and fit it all into one!  Dom's neighbors and close family friends threw us a couples shower at their house on Lake George for Dom's side of the family last weekend.  Due to Dom's medical school schedule, all parties involving him are going to be this year.  I love that I feel like I get to celebrate my wedding for a whole year!  Per usual, I'll let pictures do a lot of the talking.

 Party Nana!

 During the opening gifts portion (aka the most awkward!) we were surprised with 2 chairs and a chalkboard each.  Then, Jody (Dom's neighbor and our host) read us questions.  If we both answered the same way we got to open a present!  The game was so hilarious and it was a great way to get everyone together and laughing!  Some questions were cute, while others were downright funny (for example, "which of Robin's friends looks best in a bikini?!" We didn't stop laughing the entire time! 

 "Where is the strangest place you've shared a kiss?"
Can you tell I didn't remember what he was talking about?!
 Most annoying habit!
 We got some amazing gifts!

 "What cereal best describes your family's first impression of Dom?" 

Having never been to a Jack & Jill couples shower, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Usually when you think bridal shower you think girly fluffiness, but now I can't see doing the shower with my side of the family any differently! We had an absolute blast.  It was an incredibly beautiful day on Lake George, and we all sat outside, ate, and drank our hearts out all day long!  It was like one big family party that just happened to be completely pink and green. :)  

Can we just talk about these favors?! My bridesmaid Lauren (who happens to be Dom's brother Anthony's girlfriend) made these stickers and I am in LOVE.  Dom's mom, Lauren, and her sister also spent the morning of the party turning Jody's lake house into a pink and green heaven! They went so above and beyond!

Another reason I loved it was all my bridesmaids' boyfriends got to know each other really well.  We had some serious bromances going on!  Now they're already looking forward to hanging out during the wedding while their girlfriends are taking pictures all day long.  I think it is going to be one awesome wedding!

Now, my favorite moment from the day!
Question: Dom, what about Robin first caught your attention?
...he thought I was Italian.

NC Belle In Boots


  1. What an awesome shower!! I love the game during presents and Dom thinking you were Italian haha! I'm sure your wedding will be a blast!! :)

  2. How fun! You can't go wrong with a shower at a LAKE HOUSE! How fun. All of your reactions in these photos are priceless.

  3. Why did this post make me tear up!?! I'm just so happy for you and Dom and your smiles are RADIATING in every single picture. So excited for the start of all the fun wedding festivities and I'm so glad you had an amazing shower with all your favorite people! This really makes me want to throw a Jack/Jill shower now for someone!!

  4. Loveee this post, looks like y'all had so much fun & I definitely hope to have a couples shower one day! When I went to a wedding in NY a few weeks ago, the girls were telling me how awesome Lake George is and it looks beautiful :)


  5. This is THE CUTEST! Congrats to you two - and you are a GORGEOUS COUPLE! What a beautiful place, also!

  6. What a cute shower and what a cute couple!! what beautiful pictures on the lake.

  7. Oh Dom! I love this! You look so happy :)

  8. PARTY NANA!!!!!!!! This is such a cute idea for a shower! I love the game you played to open gifts - so creative! I'm so glad you had such a great time! xoxo

  9. SUPER CUTE love all the pictures and you can tell how truly happy you guys are! Your facial expression kill it.

  10. this is adorable and i may have to steal the chair idea...we may be doing a couples shower for my brother and i know he and his bride to be would love new chairs for their deck!!

  11. Awesome shower! Love the details and the pink and green colors. I see that you guys let go of a floating lantern. We did that at our wedding. I just love watching the lanterns float away. Did your family and friends let go of lanterns too, or is it just the two of you?

  12. What a cute idea! It looks like you guys had a blast AND you had a fun and not-so-awkward way of opening gifts. That's something that I am sort of dreading because I hate when people are staring at you waiting to see your reaction to their gifts!

  13. Aww looooooooove! You two are SO CUTE!

  14. What a wonderful shower!! And I LOVE your dress!!!

  15. Your shower looks so so adorable. And the game with the chalkboards looks like a blast!!!

  16. Aw such a fun shower idea!! Great pictures, looked like a blast! You look so happy!!

  17. This looks like such a fun shower, I've never heard of a Jack & Jill shower, but it seems like such a great idea I may have to keep this in mind for the future. Also I love your answer at the end, hooker boots!!


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