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Best Dressed From the Emmys. AKA Sarah Hyland

Of all the award shows the Emmys is usually the one I care about the least.  I didn't grow up with HBO and usually only watched one or two of the shows that were nominated.  We tuned in this year because we've recently become obsessed with Breaking Bad (just started season 5!) and I've always been in love with Modern Family.  I must say, the show did not disappoint!  Seth Meyers was really funny and I got to watch my favorite shows win pretty much everything.

However, my favorite part of every award show is the red carpet.  The dresses this year were amazing and I actually had to stop picking out my favorites because I loved them all so much.  Miss Heidi Klum was my favorite until Sarah Hyland came out.  Make it white and I'd get married in it!  Here are all my favorites!

 Love this dress, not crazy about the colors though. #trickortreat

 This is an awkward picture...but she was killing it.
The skirt.  The hair.  The makeup.  Perfect 10.

What do you think?  Did I miss any of your favorite looks?


  1. I loved Heidi's dress! And Julia looked so youthful in that dress! She's such a beauty!

  2. I absolutely loved Julia Roberts look - I mean she looked fantastic!!

  3. Out of these Heidi and Sarah are my faves! So pretty!

  4. Ah! I just did a similar post and I completely agree- Sarah nailed it!! xoxo

  5. I loved Heidi and Sarah's dresses too! And Seth was such a good host - it was like 3 hours of the Weekend Update!

  6. I LOVED Heidi's dress!!!! And Sarah looked perfect!! I only watched the red carpet haha.

  7. Heidi Klum is a freak of nature- so gorgeous. And absolutely love Sarah's look too, that full skirt is perfection :)


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