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Five Friday Favorites!

Illiteration for the win! :)

1. Today is Dom and my pre-anniversary!  He insists that's not a thing...but I say it is!  I can't believe that a year from today I will be saying "I do!" Everyone says the time will fly and I completely agree.  We have already been engaged for 7 months and I feel like I just blinked.  However, almost all of our planning is finished so I love that I still have time to enjoy being engaged and look forward to the best day of my life! Still, I keep looking at the calendar and getting butterflies!

2. This whole summer break thing.  I feel like I'm a kid again and I love it!  Okay, that's a total lie.  I've actually been crazy productive getting crap done I haven't been able to do since I moved, like Dr.'s appointments, car insurance, wedding stuff, class registration...a whole bunch of boring things.  But! I still get to sleep in and watch TV in bed every morning and go about my biz-nass in my I call it a win!

3. Getting out of my comfort zone.  I went to the medical student spouse and family picnic on Sunday. STAG.  Talk about feeling awkward!  I was the only person there without their medical student, but I met some really nice people and even got my "I Love My DO" shirt. :)  We have our first official meeting next week so I'll get to know more about the spouse group.  All I know right now is that they do wine nights, so I'm in!

4. Along the same vein, Hallie and I are both stepping out of our comfort zones and going to the Mimosa Brunch Meet & Greet for the Junior League of Sarasota on Saturday!  We were both nervous to go alone, so having each other will make it so fun!  Of course, we had to get together to plot outfits which leads me to number 5...

5. Shopping, dinner, mini roadtrip, and blog talk.  AKA the perfect night!  Last night Hallie and I took the mini roadtrip of about 45 minutes up to the fabulous International Plaza in Tampa for a shopping extravaganza!  The mall has literally everything, so we walked, talked, plotted ;), and had the best time!  Of course, the night ended with some massive cheesecake.
{Yes, this is Hallie laughing at me because I tried to non-nonchalantly take a picture of the cheesecake...with my flash on.}
I may or may not have finished it for breakfast.  Okay, I did.  Words can't describe how happy I am Hallie and I live so close and I'm not letting medical school move us away unless I can take her with me (Porter, you can come too)!

5.a.  I'm part of an awesome $100 Target/ Instagram giveaway that starts today!  Head back here at noon to enter! 


  1. Happy pre-anniversary!! I bet the next year will fly by but it's good you're enjoying just being engaged too :) Yumm I would have had that cheesecake for breakfast too - I couldn't let it sit in my fridge until after dinner today!!

  2. I got married in August also. August 13th! excited for you.

  3. Happy 8.8!!! I seriously cannot believe you got engaged 7 months ago! I feel like I just found out!!! :) So happy you're getting a little break from school and are enjoying fun stuff too! MUAH!

  4. 7 months already?! I feel like I JUST read your engagement story! :) So excited for you two. It really does fly by... we had a 14 month engagement and got married in June. BEST. DAY.EVER!

    T-365 days... let the countdown begin!

  5. Y'all are so cute.. love that photo!! And I think a pre-anniversary is a great idea :)

  6. you are too cute and hello wine nights in. I feel like anyone would love to be a member of that group :)


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