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Freshen Up Friday!

Today's theme is a personal favorite of mine...
Bow Ties!
Now, I realize wearing bow ties is a very personal decision, so I won't judge you if you're not into them.  However, I just love them!  They took some getting used to, but the more I saw them, the more I liked them.  Then, once Dom started wearing them I loved them even more. ;)

Even though bow ties are tiny and adorable, they can be expensive.  While Dom's favorite places to get bow ties are Vineyard Vines and High Cotton Ties, they run almost $100!  Obviously on a medical school budget that's not happening.  Well, Dom recently discovered The Tie Bar, which has really nice and fun ties...for $15.  It's a great choice if you're not quite sure how you feel about bow ties but want to try them out.  They're also great options for fun and preppy stocking stuffers!  I think I'm going to make it my personal mission to make sure every male in my family has a bow tie come Christmas time!  
So tell me, are you Team Bow Tie or Team Straight Tie?


  1. Bow tie all the way! My husband will wear them from time to time, and they always look so nice!

  2. Team Bow Tie, hands down. I can't get my husband to wear them--he assures me he looks horrible in them (?!). But I did get my grandfather to wear them! He taught himself how to tie them by practicing around his knee and he threw away all his regular ties. Go big or go home! ;)

  3. So fun!!! Jared has never rocked a bow-tie because he's all "I don't want to wear anything that's trendy" but maybe I'll sneak one in his stocking this year hehe ;)

  4. Bahahah, Erin's comment about Jared? That is so Caleb, spot on. But he's rocked one before while he was IN a wedding and looked like a stud so I pressure him a lot to buy them! Holy cow, $100?!! I'm glad he found a cheaper alternative ;)

  5. Team bow tie but I still love the straight ties! And yes- it's kind of crazy how expensive such a tiny piece of fabric can be.. But Dom is rockin it! Happy Friday!!

  6. I love both--is that a thing?! Check out Artfully Disheveled--it's a friend of a friend's business, but anyhow...super sweet bow ties :) And tell Dom he looks very dapper!

  7. Omg this is great. Brad is also obsessed with bow ties - his collection is ridiculous (especially for someone who wears a uniform every day so he never gets to wear them anyway haha). I can't wait to tell him about that company though, I can't believe how cheap that is! I'm sure he'll be excited.....

  8. Totally on Team Bow Tie with you! My husband recently started wearing them and I love the look!

    XO, Jaime

  9. I'm curious what the popular bow tie looks are so that I can get it right ;-)


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