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Montauk Recap

Last week I posted my favorite Montauk outfit, and today I'm finally going to recap the amazing, wild, and insane weekend.  I've mentioned briefly on the blog before that Dom's family goes on a big trip to Montauk every summer.  His family has a hotel out on "The End" and every summer his parents' friends from high school and their families all come out for one huge week long extravaganza. 
The majority of the hilarious stories I've heard of Dom's family friends revolve around this trip.  They also have a long standing "no ring, no bring rule."  The weeks is strictly family and friends, with no high school romance drama allowed. So, this was the first time I got to go!  As much as I have really been wanting to go, I think it's a great rule and will definitely be continuing it with my babies!

The weekend started out in the absolute best way...with a proposal!  Dom's brother proposed to his girlfriend and I'm getting a sister. :) There was so much planning, and scheming that went into this proposal and I am so thrilled it went off without a hitch!  The major obstacles were getting Lauren to Montauk even though she knows the rule (it took some convincing!) and sneaking her family there.  She had no idea they were there until after he popped the question, and it was so happy!

Once all the secrets were out, the partying began!
 {Cyril's, the home of the BBC!}

{Our future father-in-law with his 2 new daughters!}

Our days were filled with the beach, and evenings partying on the deck, watching the sunset, and walking to dinner along the coast.  The vacation flew by and I wish I could relive it again.

Until next year.


  1. Loving your brightly colored tank in the sunset photo. Where did you get it? It would be PERFECT for vacations!

    XO, Jaime

  2. That weekend looks like so much fun... and what a sweet proposal!!

  3. Dying over that sunset pic of you and Dom! So perfect!!

  4. Cute! How fun! And congrats on a sister. I always wanted one...
    The Accidental Mama

  5. ahh I am so jealous, it looks SO fun!

  6. love it all!!!! :) My fave is the pic of you and your SIL-to-be with your FIL-to-be... hehe, he looks so happy ;)


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