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Why Blogging is Awesome.

I'm sure we all have answers to this, but this weekend it was more apparent than ever for me.  When people think of bloggers, I think they automatically think it's weird and that we're all loners hanging out in our basements alone. I know I was very hesitant to let my real life friends know I blogged at first for fear they would judge me or think I was weird.  However, these past few days have proven to me why I love this community so much!  The friendships I have made are invaluable, and I know blogging has shaped the woman I am today.

On Thursday, Hallie (a friend I would have never met if not for blogging!) and I had such a fun time road-tripping, window shopping, and having dinner out in Tampa in preparation for our Junior League meeting on Saturday.  Then, on Saturday we had the best time at the JL brunch, meeting other like-minded 20 somethings and getting out of our comfort zones.  The brunch was so much fun, and I am so excited about what's to come with this group of women.  However, I know that without blogging, and my friendship with Hallie, I would have never gone!  Of course, the lunch and boutique shopping that followed was just the icing on the cake!  Our girls day got me so excited about things to come!

Then, Saturday night I was hanging out at home blog planning, and watching YouTube planner reviews (lol) and got a snap from Erin about being lame staying home blogging on a Saturday night and I died laughing and sent back a snap that I was doing the same thing! 

Lastly, on Sunday I drove up to Tampa again to have brunch with a brand-spanking-new blogger, Alexis!  She's hilarious and her style puts mine to shame...every day.  We met at 11 for a bottomless mimosa brunch and stayed for 5 hours. FIVE HOURS.  Do you know how rare it is to be able to talk to anyone, let alone someone you just met, for 5 hours? I swear I thought it was maybe 2pm when I looked at my phone and it was 4!  I love that blogging can connect people you never would have met and start new friendships that otherwise never would have happened.

As I got ready for bed last night it really hit me that none of the fun I've had recently, or the random laughs, and even heartache would have happened if it wasn't for blogging.  Hallie, Erin, and Alexis would have probably never entered my life and I would have missed out on so much happiness! I laughed so much this weekend due to my blogging friends, and my heart went out to another going through a really hard time.  People might think that blog friendships aren't real, but this weekend solidified how much I love this community and how much I love that a bunch of women can come together and raise each other up instead of tear one another down.  Now, when someone asks if I blog I would skitter around the answer, I'll happily said "Yes. And it's awesome."


  1. just letting you know that I *think* you linked the wrong blog for you new friend Alexis! (I dont think she blogs about the things that were on the one linked...) just letting you know. I love your blog! have a happy monday! xo - Hope

  2. blogging is such a door opener to new friends and adventures!

  3. Sooo jealous! I wish I could transport you guys up here :( come visit in September with Hallie!!!!

  4. This makes me want to move home immediately! This looks like so much fun and I'm really excited you had a great time at the JL event! I'm in a league here in NC and I love it!

  5. Blogging is definitely the best at bringing new, amazing people into our lives. Who would have thought that writing posts would lead to life long friendships. Makes my heart happy for you friend.

  6. This is SO true!!! The friendships I've gotten through blogging are amazing! I just wish we all lived in the same place so we could hang out all the time haha. I'm glad you had such a great weekend your blog friends!! :)

  7. ahhh! love you and our awesome blogger friendship!
    I am so so so so glad you moved here! :)

  8. OMG I love this!!! Seriously I'm brand spanking new like you said and I'm already so grateful :) so glad we met up we are DEFINITELY meeting up again!! Yayy so happy I love this <3


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