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# Lilly Dream Job

I can't tell you how many times I've seen Lilly Pulitzer tweet or instagram #lillydreamjob and wished I could have it.  If only I was born with some artistic talent I could be a print designer, traveling to tropical locations to get inspiration for the next seasons prints.  Or, grow 7 inches and be a Lilly model.  Well, I am finally part of the team and can officially be a Lilly girl!

While I won't be designing prints or modelling the latest designs, I will be helping to open a brand new Lilly Pulitzer store in the new high end mall in Sarasota.  Can we talk about how dangerous it's going to be to have stores like Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Chanel, Anthropologie, and of course, Lilly less than 2 miles from my place?  Very dangerous.  I have a feeling I won't be making any money at this job!

I really think I am going to adore going to work every day.  I don't need to tell you how much I love the clothes, but both my new manager and the HR Rep from corporate headquarters who was at my interview seem like girls who would be my friends.  The three of us were sitting at a table in Starbucks (the mall doesn't open until October 16, so there is no store for an interview yet) in head to toe Lilly and probably getting some funny looks!  My manager already made me tear up telling me she can't think of anyone she'd rather have help her open the new store!  There's something about the Lilly lifestyle that just bonds you and makes you so excited and happy to be part of such an amazing brand.  I really cannot wait to see how this job goes and where this opportunity takes me!  Looks like my life and blog are about to get a whole lot more colorful.  As if that's possible. ;)


A Rainstorm, A Power Outage, and A Wedding

I mentioned in my previous post that two weekends ago I was in town for one of my best friends' wedding.  When it came time to say their vows it was so beautiful, sweet, and living, but man did it take a lot to get there!

Julia should give all brides lessons on staying calm on their wedding day.  She was so poised through the entire day and kept her thoughts on saying "I do" and rolling with the punches.

Julia originally chose a gorgeous vineyard for her wedding less than a month after they got engaged last summer.  She is such a planner, and wanted to lock that down asap.  Then in January the venue called her and cancelled. (!!!)  Okay, they technically didn't cancel because that would be a breach of contract, but they called her saying they had lost their liquor license, couldn't serve food, and if they played music they couldn't guarantee the neighborhood wouldn't call the cops.  Um, excuse me?  After some scrambling he managed to find another option that she liked, and maintain most of her vendors.

This venue was a gorgeous golf course in Baldwinsville, NY.  There ceremony site was outside at a gazebo right next to the water with gorgeous flowers exploded everywhere (tastefully, of course).  With the sun shining at 4:30 it was so stunning at the rehearsal!

Then, we woke up Saturday morning to 45 degrees and a torrential downpour.  No worries though, as a bridesmaid it was our job to keep the positive thoughts rolling!  We met at the salon, beautified, and did multiple sun salutations praying for it to show itself.

Well, the salutations must have worked because by 2pm the clouds parted and the sun was shining!  We all headed over to the venue to get into our pretty dresses and take some pictures.

At 4:20, about 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin, we saw a gigantic, dark, angry cloud coming towards us...and coming fast.  Thankfully, the wedding coordinator was on top of it and suggested postponing the start for about 15 minutes, since it was just one cloud and once it passed the outdoor ceremony could begin! To make a long story short, the rain came pouring down, some guests were hidden in the gazebo to stay dry and more guests were waiting in the reception tent up the hill to try to stay dry.  People kept bombarding Julia with negative comments and I about went Bridesmaid-zilla on them!  The two wedding coordinators kept going back and forth with Julia about what she wanted to do and it just got really stressful for everyone!  Finally, Julia put her foot down and just decided that since most guests were in the tent they would just do the ceremony there.  Problem solved.

Then another wedding coordinator came up and told her the tent had lost power. At this time the rain had passed and the sun was back out.  Since the tent had no power, we suggested just doing it outside.  The wedding coordinator then had the audacity to say "Well you can do the ceremony outside, but now your reception is going to be a big problem." To the bride! I was absolutely floored by how unprofessional he was and if the other coordinator hadn't profusely apologized to Julia about him I might have flipped.  This is when having bridesmaids comes in handy.  We blasted music, danced around and kept the atmosphere as positive as possible.  She was about to be Mrs. Liu! Her name was going to be Julia Liu! Cutest name ever! Yay Aruba in 2 days!  I swear it worked a little. :)
When the time came for the now-inside ceremony to begin you would have never known about all of the drama before.  The men looked so handsome and watching Julia walk down the aisle was so moving!  I pretty much held it together until Mike said his vows and then GOODNIGHT. Tears everywhere!

Contrary to the Scrouge of a wedding coordinator, they were able to set up a generator and by the time the cocktail hour was supposed to begin the tent had power.  Of course, there needed to be one more bump before wedded bliss.  About every 15 minutes once the dancing portion began the music and lights would overpower the generator and everything would go silent and black.  So, in true happy bridesmaid form we would just start cheering, clapping, and clinking our glasses to make them smooch whenever the lights and sound went out! Not going to lie, it became pretty funny!  For the last hour the power came back and they were able to switch everything over and it ended without a hitch. :)

Julia was the epitome of grace the whole day.  Even when upset she kept the final goal of marrying her best friend at the front of her mind, and it showed the minute they saw each other! They fill me with such joy!

Also, I have to give a special shout out to my best friend, Felicia, for sharing her hubby with me!  Dom wasn't able to come due to an exam, so Kevin took one for the team and had two dates.
{Poor guy ;)}



Oops! Talk about an unplanned blogging break!  For once, it wasn't even because I didn't have anything to write about.  I actually have all of September and October's blog posts planned out, but time completely got away from me.  Between traveling, visitors, and crazy amounts of schoolwork, I quite literally took a week and unplugged.  I know I should say that it felt good, but I actually really missed putting together posts and getting inspired by all your pretty pictures!  Plus, I have a ton of unanswered emails, so for that I'm sorry.  responses coming soon! After today I should be back on track (famous last words)!

Some life lately bullet points

*One of my best friends got married on the 13th!  Full post on the wedding to come because holy crap did she look beautiful, and holy crap was this the Murphy's law of all weddings.  In about 5 years it just might be funny.

*I got back in town on Monday, and then had all of Tuesday to get my week's worth of work done.  On Wednesday I volunteered all day and then celebrated the beautiful Hallie's birthday!  Later that night my future brother-in-law and his fiance came to visit!

*Per usual, when Anthony is involved it rained a ton this weekend, but we still had a blast showing them around Sarasota and got some sun time in!

*This weekend I'm headed back to NY on Friday for my cousin's wedding (!!!) and then to NJ on Saturday for Ant and Lauren's engagement party! Woo!

*In a surprise life twist, I went to my follow up appointment with by new GI doc yesterday and learned that my gallbladder is functioning at exactly 0%. Gallbladder failure is considered 35%. So, that's cool. 

*I may or may not have a very special interview today!  I don't want to jinx anything...but if you want to send me some colorful thoughts I wouldn't oppose. ;)


Slouchy + Distressed

fall outfit
oversized sweater

distressed denim taupe booties

taupe booties

casual outfit

distressed denim taupe booties

slouchy sweater distressed denim
Nordstrom Sweater (this exact one is sold out, but the linked sweater is the same with a scoop neck) // Distressed Demin // Booties (identical) // Longchamp Tote // David Yurman Ring

Slouchy and distressed...two words that do not usually describe my outfits!  But, on Tuesday night it was cloudy and gross when Dom decided he had to go get wings.  So, I decided to go with the comfiest outfit I could put together.  I just purchased this sweater from the Nordstrom Labor Day sale and it is just as comfortable as it looks!  I paired it with my fave distressed denim and cute heels to make it look a little more put together.  I stuck with minimal jewelry to keep everything easy. It's funny, I was sitting on my bed when I glanced in the mirror and decided it was a cute angle for an Instagram picture.  I snapped it, edited it a little, and posted it on the way to dinner.  Then, BAM, I checked my phone after and it had blown up. Apparently y'all like comfy...and I don't blame you!  I wear bright colors all the time, so it's kind of nice to branch out and mix some neutrals. 


5 Things You Need To Know About Right Now

The last week or so I have been exposed to some amazing things for both blogging and life...and I just can't help but share with you all!

1. Helene's consultations.  I did the group social media consult on Wednesday and loved it! Helene is a treasure box of information (that sounds weird...but you know haha) and I left with a notebook page full of social media skills to implement right away!  I cannot recommend her more if you want to improve your blogging.  My parents and I plan to use her business one-on-one for our rental property, and once I have some more funds (someone please hire me?) I want to so a one-on-one for my blog.  If that's not an endorsement for her I don't know what is! Head on over to Helene in Between to book!

2. Graceful Magazine.  I have been following Erin's blog Erin James (formerly Sweetness Itself) for years and have always found her to be such an inspiration.  She is one of the most beautiful women inside and out, and I can always count on her posts to make me feel beautiful, valued, and inspired.  Plus, her love story is truly a God given fairytale. :)  I was absolutely thrilled when she announced she was creating her own women's magazine, Graceful Magazine.  In her words, this magazine is "a lifestyle website, soon-to-be print and online magazine, and a sisterhood for every woman. Celebrating all things beautiful, classy, inspiring, and glamorous." But, it's not like every other women's magazine.  It covers everything girlie and wonderful, fashion, beauty, cooking, DIY, and home care, but it's all inspired by elegance and "the lost art of being a lady."  It launched yesterday, and I'm already anxious for the next issue!  It may seem funny for me to say, but the one thing I kept thinking as I looked through it was that this is the kind of magazine I would want my daughter reading.  I just adore it!

3. This maxi skirt.  I got it while Labor Day Sale shopping and it is so perfect.  It is a maxi skirt, but with really light fabric.  It's perfect for fall in Florida!  It can be styled with cute sweaters from cooler weather or with a bright tank for summer.  I am so happy it is in my life!  I suggest you get it in your life too. ;)

4. To go along with #1, Lauren from The Fashionista's Diary is also doing social media and blogging sessions!  She just started her fashion blog this January, and has grown so quickly.  She is offering a PDF file or a PDF file with skype session with all her tips, tricks, and secrets for growing her fashion blog so quickly!  My blog as taken more of a style turn lately, so I am so excited to virtually pick her brain. I won't be giving any details, as it is not my info to give, but let me tell you, it is 30 pages long with pictures and graphics.  Not long ago I spent the same amount of money for a social media guide from a PR group and was mildly horrified when I opened a 3 page PDF of things I already knew.  She is the real deal! Shoot her an email if you're interested!

5.  You need to know how much I love my puppy and how spoiled rotten she is!  I didn't think it was possible to love a furball so much. :)


Leopard Pops

leopard accessories

Fall is absolutely not in the air here in Florida, but it is taking over my mind when I'm getting dressed!  I have been trying to find fall-ish pieces to add to my wardrobe to be more "of the moment," if you will, but still not keel over from our crazy heat.  One way to do this is with leopard accessories!  I have spoken a few times on here about shying away from animal print, but in little pops? Love it.  I think it can be so classy...until it's taken to far.  Little accessories are a great way to look stylish but not overdo it!  I have a pair of leopard flats that I love, and I think these pointy toe flats with the black back would be so cute.  If I were feeling a little more spicy these gorgeous (and inexpensive!) Steve Madden heels would add some flirty oomf to any fall outfit.  So tell me, do you love leopard or stay away from it like I used to?


Miss Penelope

You may have seen on Instagram that there is a new addition to our family...Miss Penelope Murphy Marino!

We weren't even planning on rescuing a puppy, but sometimes they just chose you!  Our roommate Murph had been going back and forth about getting a puppy for awhile, and Friday night we decided to browse online, "just for fun!"  Among all the adorable puppies was little Miss Penelope.  We were all searching through separately and all fell in love with those eyes!  So, the next day we went to the Humane Society of Sarasota...just to look.

Famous last words.

The minute we laid eyes on her, sitting quietly in her cage and licking our fingers through the door, it was over.  We brought her into the little play room and she walked right up to Murph and licked his face, and then to Dom and laid her head right in his hands, waiting to be snuggled.  Murph couldn't pull the trigger, since he is unsure of where he will be in the future, so Dom put a hold on her until Tuesday..just in case! I think you can see where this is going. ;)  After talking about it all weekend we knew we couldn't leave her there.

She is an 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback and Labrador Retriever mix, with maybe something else in there too, considering how small she is, and will probably not grow much more.  The Humane Society rescued her at around 6 months from a kill shelter from Mississippi, and they believe she has been in a shelter her whole life.  Needless to say, there was no way she was being left there!  After discussing it we decided to adopt her!  She will be our dog while we all live together, and then Dom and I will take her once we go separate ways.  In one day she went from no parents to 3! 

We literally could not love this little girl any more.  Living her whole life in a shelter means she has never had a toy, and actually doesn't know what to do with them!  Slowly she is figuring them out, and after a few trips to the doggy park and doggy beach she will have it down. 
She is very calm, quiet, and snuggly.  She loves to stay close and turn into a "puppy ball."  If you sit on the ground she will just walk up to you and curl into a ball on your lap.  I think I melt about 8 thousand times a day! 

She is obsessed with mirrors, Dom, and Jack Rogers sandals.  No matter what happens, once Dom walks through the door she curls up and life. is. good.  She is also very fun of her new best friend, Tally!  Her Aunt Hallie graciously lent us her crate until ours arrives, and the two puppies had so much fun jumping, playing, and kissing each other!

She very much dislikes bath time.
Thankfully, we both survived and I only shed a quick tear.  Afterwards she got extra snuggles and a blanket and went right back to snoozing.  So much has happened in the past few days!  I think this little love bug is tired out from all the love.

Penelope is spoiled rotten already, and it feels so good!  We are making a huge difference in her life, but she is changing ours even more.  There's nothing like coming home to her sweet eyes and wagging tail.  She is the happiest little puppy and I don't know how we felt complete without her!


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