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Oops! Talk about an unplanned blogging break!  For once, it wasn't even because I didn't have anything to write about.  I actually have all of September and October's blog posts planned out, but time completely got away from me.  Between traveling, visitors, and crazy amounts of schoolwork, I quite literally took a week and unplugged.  I know I should say that it felt good, but I actually really missed putting together posts and getting inspired by all your pretty pictures!  Plus, I have a ton of unanswered emails, so for that I'm sorry.  responses coming soon! After today I should be back on track (famous last words)!

Some life lately bullet points

*One of my best friends got married on the 13th!  Full post on the wedding to come because holy crap did she look beautiful, and holy crap was this the Murphy's law of all weddings.  In about 5 years it just might be funny.

*I got back in town on Monday, and then had all of Tuesday to get my week's worth of work done.  On Wednesday I volunteered all day and then celebrated the beautiful Hallie's birthday!  Later that night my future brother-in-law and his fiance came to visit!

*Per usual, when Anthony is involved it rained a ton this weekend, but we still had a blast showing them around Sarasota and got some sun time in!

*This weekend I'm headed back to NY on Friday for my cousin's wedding (!!!) and then to NJ on Saturday for Ant and Lauren's engagement party! Woo!

*In a surprise life twist, I went to my follow up appointment with by new GI doc yesterday and learned that my gallbladder is functioning at exactly 0%. Gallbladder failure is considered 35%. So, that's cool. 

*I may or may not have a very special interview today!  I don't want to jinx anything...but if you want to send me some colorful thoughts I wouldn't oppose. ;)


  1. I have a billion emails to respond to as well. And how in the world are all of your posts planned for the next two months?! #jealous

  2. Ahhh I love wedding seasons! SO much fun and looking forward to the wedding recaps! :)

  3. you are GAWRGEOUS. good luck today and everyday :)

  4. I'm so glad you've been having so much fun--- and I'm praying for your health issues girl!! :( I worry about yoU!

  5. Good Luck today!!! LOL Where is NJ are you heading? beautiful weather here this week.

  6. I hope the interview goes well!

  7. Ah good luck in your interview! Your hair in that last picture is perfect. Can't wait to read the wedding post! Xoxo

  8. I'm so sorry about your gallbladder.. zero percent, seriously?!? And it's okay to take a break and be unplugged every once in a while :)


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