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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Helene in Between Blogtober

1.  There is a lot more to blogging than writing posts.  If you want to grow and build a community, you need to be active on twitter, instagram, and facebook.  Post all your blog links, reach out to other bloggers, and share little snipets of your life that don't make it to your blog.  Seeing glimpses of your life will help draw people in, and ultimately follow your blog.

2. Plan out posts when you're not sitting down to writeEmily Ley has free calendar printouts that I use for each month.  First, I add any series posts I'm doing, or weekly linkups I take part in.  Then, I add what days I want to do fashion posts, need to do sponsored posts, or special holidays and events I plan to write about.  Finally, I go back and fill in empty days with fun quick posts like Instagram Round-ups, or "Currently" posts.  I always go blank when I try to think about something to write about in the moment, so this system makes sure I always have an idea!

3. Make all your pictures the same size.  Use picmonkey or any other photo editing site and resize all your pictures to at least 500px or 600px.  It will make the whole post look way cleaner.

4. Write how you speak.  This isn't an essay for english class.  Have fun, and write like you're talking to a group of friends!

5. Turn off Captcha, and make sure you're email is attached to your profile.  Bloggers can't respond to your comments if you're email isn't listed!

6.  Don't get discouraged. The first 100 followers are the hardest to get.  It took me almost 5 months to get to 100 followers!  Just keep producing good content, get it out on social media and networking with other bloggers, and they will come.

7. Do you.  There are no blogging rules.  There are a bunch of strategies and tips about blogging that have helped other people be successful, but no one knows who will be the next overnight success.  Want to do a linkup every day? Do it!  Want to only blog about your dog? Do it!  If you're blogging based on what you think people want to read you won't be enjoying yourself, and it will become a job (and not in the good way).

8. Don't rush to monetize.  The thought of making money doing what you love is very enticing, but monetizing also brings way more responsibility and pressure.  When you're working with companies with deadlines you can't just take a blogging break if you're getting paid for a post.  There's also added pressure on yourself.  When you're working with affiliate links, the more content you put out, the more money you make.  This can make it very hard to stay true to your blog and keep priorities straight. 

9. Post consistently.  It's the best way to gain and maintain pageviews.

10. Contrary to #9, if you miss a day, the world will not end.   Even if it feels like it. ;)


  1. What a great list - i have picked up some handy hints! have only just started to take blogging more "seriously" and so these posts are quite useful. I clearly still have a lot to learn, the link to the printables is great so thank you!

  2. A really good list! So true. I still have so much to learn. And I need to get disciplined about planning my posts

  3. Consistency is so important but at the end of the day most of us have lives outside of blogging. Sometimes real life will get in the way of blogging and like you said, that's okay! Hope you're loving your new lilly life! (:

  4. Yessss #5 is spot on!!! I hate when bloggers use Captcha!

    Love your blog, you've done an awesome job! :)

  5. LOVE these tips! I definitely need to work on number 9. Consistency, consistency!

  6. A LOT of these are the same things I posted today! It's so true, too! I really wish I could get better at planning posts... *sigh* It just seems to never happen. :) One of these days I'll get to it!

  7. I really need to work on consistency. And yes, the first 100 is definitely the hardest. It's so easy to play the numbers game but what people are going to keep coming back to read is your personality.
    The Accidental Mama

  8. Tip #3 is really inspiring. I need to stop being #lazy & make my photos look more appealing.

    xoxo Lisa - Showered With Design

  9. SO many helpful tips, thank you so much!

  10. Great list-- I'm so with you on the making pics the same size too, it makes the whole post/blog look so much better!!! :)

  11. Great tips and thanks for sharing those printables.. I will be using them ASAP!! xo

  12. Great tips and a day or two off from blogging is definitely always needed.

  13. You have such a great list girl and I am SO with you on planning the posts. That has helped me a LOT with blogging.

  14. I agree about there being no blogging rules. I hate when people think that not liking something makes them a "bad blogger". We are individuals; you don't have to like a designer or a show or a series in order to be a real blogger!


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