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The New Lilly Pulitzer Store at University Town Center!

Janice Shift Dress (also comes in navy!)

The day is finally here!  Today the Mall at University Town Center opens, and the most exciting part is, of course, the new Lilly Pulitzer store!  So much work has gone into the store in the past two weeks (and before) and it's amazing to see how it all came together.  Last night was the "Preview Party" where people can buy tickets to shop the mall early with hors d'oeuvres and champagne.  It was so much fun to see everyone's excitement over the new Lilly store!  We even had people wearing Lilly taking pictures outside the store.  It really is true that all Lilly lovers are a big colorful family.  
My favorite part of the store by far are the dressing rooms!  Each is painted in a different Lilly theme, and you instantly feel transported to the beach!  I truly think everything looks flattering in a bright Lilly fitting room. ;)  I also adore the Lilly quotes hidden around the store.  There are so many hidden gems, and it's so fun seeing customers so delighted over them.  The happiness is contagious!  So much so that as I'm writing this I need to be up in 6 hours to go back and work a full grand opening day...and I cannot wait!

If you're in the Sarasota area or coming to visit, please come in and say hi!  You most certainly won't regret it. :)


  1. It looks so good! And I absolutely LOVE your dress!

  2. The store looks SO beautiful, I can imagine it is such a bright and cheerful and wonderful place to work. I am sure you fit in perfectly being the little ray of happy sunshine that you are.

  3. ohh I'm going to come visit you soon!

  4. I'm hoping to stop in soon- can't wait!!

  5. Forget a vacation, just put me in one of those amazing dressing rooms!!!!! ;) I'm so excited for you and know how much you love it!

  6. SO. MUCH. COLOR!!! ;) Send me one of everything--- thanks!!!!

  7. I'll take one of everything please!! (including their decor- love it! Wish we had one close!) Happy Friday girl! xoxo


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