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Oh heyyyyy!

Hey there, strangers!  It feels weird to be writing here after taking more than a month off, but I'm back and in a much better place to blog!  I didn't take an intentional break, and unlike the majority of the blog world right now I haven't fallen out of love with blogging, I just ran out of time!  Over the last month work and school had to take priority, but with the semester drawing to a close I'm finally able to sit down and write!  I have some really fun outfits and gift guides coming up in the next few weeks, but for today I thought I'd do a little month catch-up.

Not surprisingly, my month has been filled with Lilly!  At the beginning of the month I got to help set up the Lilly Pulitzer Fashion Show and Luncheon with the Junior League of Sarasota at the Sarasota Yacht club!  We decked out the whole club with Lilly table cloths, dresses, and fun pink girly cocktails.  There were literally hundreds of women dressed in Lilly there...screw Disney, it was the happiest place on earth!  My personal favorite part was meeting my new best friend, Melissa, one of the Lilly print designers!  She painted a Lilly canvas freehand for the auction.  I'm still not over the fact that I didn't win so let's move on.

{What's a champagne cocktail without tiny pink flamingos?} 
The next big Lilly event was celebrating Lilly's birthday.  We went all out.  We're talking steel drummer, champagne, macaroons, the whole nine.  It was really fun for everyone in the store, and customers too!  The drummer even let me play his drums and let me tell ya...I have a future there. ;)  I thought it was a crazy party at the store, but it was just the warm up for our grand opening in December.  If you're in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Tampa area you really don't want to miss it.  Trust me!!

 {Believe it or not...the matching wasn't planned!}

Other than living the Lilly dream life I've been swamped with school work and completing my 60 volunteer hours for one of my classes.  I swear I thought going to school online would make life easier but Bama doesn't joke around.  One class I'm supposed to take requires 160 hours of clinical!  For a 3 credit class!  I'm going to have to be creative for that one. Anywho, I'm rambling since it's 8:30 and I've been up since 6:30 with no caffeine or food, so as Dom says when I'm online shopping I'm going to "step awayyyy from the computer."  Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Welcome back!! Working for Lilly looks like a blast- you look so bright and colorful in all of your photos :)

  2. I missed you! I love all your Lilly!

  3. I still want that dress. I'm not over that.

  4. I got so excited to see that you blogged! And that you still love it! ;) So much colorful happiness in this post-- hang in there girlfriend! Proud of everything you're doing!

  5. ohh when's the grand opening? I'll have to come down!

  6. Okay you really are living the Lilly dream! Love all of these colorful photos! You are the perfect Lilly girl!


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