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Fall in Florida

Once I had my first pumpkin spiced drink of the season I was immediately ready for fall.  However, here in Tampa its still over 90 degrees!  While I wish I could take out my boots, oversized sweaters, and scarves, that's juuuust not practical, yet!  But, you can still make your outfit feel fall-ish, even in the crazy heat by incorporating some dark colors, golds, and light scarves to make your look more seasonally appropriate.  To me, animal print screams fall, so adding any kind of leopard is a great fall touch.  Above are some great choices to add to your fall style! 


  1. Don't worry- It was cool and crisp in Ohio yesterday, but this week it's right back up to the 80s haha. No fall here yet either :) So SO glad to see you blogging again- have I mentioned that yet?!

  2. It's so weird thinking about living in a spot like Florida and dressing for Fall. It's already so chilly over here in Seattle so I'm cuddled up in sweaters...swim suit season feels like it was so far away! How do we have the best of both worlds?

  3. Can't wait for the cold weather to roll in! Come on Tampa!! :)

  4. The black Elsa is the perfect fall transition piece!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. I had my first pumpkin coffee today! I live in Tampa as well so my mind says Fall, but my body says summer! Such a tease, but I know boot days will be coming soon :)

    Jen |

  6. I've lived in Miami my whole life and I've never actually seen fall. I love that the weather here is always amazing, but I wouldn't mind seeing all 4 seasons once in a while!

  7. I have lived in Florida since the beginning of time and I would say last year was my first time ever going trick or treating with my kids while it was COLD! I can't wait for some colder weather! My electric bill is getting ridiculous!


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